Updating furniture

Updating furniture

To update the interior of an apartment or house, it is not necessary to spend a very considerable amount of money on the purchase of new furniture. It is enough to arm yourself with some tools and voila – not a single reminder will remain of the old furniture.

General tips

For each type of furniture, a number of specific manipulations are necessary, after which even the owner himself does not recognize an old wardrobe or chest of drawers. The most popular ways of remodeling furniture will be discussed below:

Paint and new pens.

Probably, it is not difficult to guess that we are talking about a chest of drawers. In order to refresh it, paint and new pens are enough. As a result, you will get an exclusive thing.

Drying oil and colorless varnish.

These materials will be useful for working with wicker furniture. Initially, it is covered with drying oil. The second layer is a colorless varnish.

Soap solution and drying.

A soap solution with the addition of table salt and drying will help to put the reed furniture in order. The last action should be performed especially carefully.


With the help of wallpaper, you can update almost any type of furniture. It can be absolutely everything: from bookshelves to kitchen furniture or living room furniture.


Covers are a universal new thing for pillows or chairs.

Top 3 ideas on how to update furniture

Shelf on the wall.

To update an old wooden stick, you will need scissors, glue, wire, pencil and jewelry.

The first step is to make a sketch on the furniture. The second step – beads and jewelry are strung on the wire. The third step – the wire is glued according to the sketch. The updated shelf is ready for use.

Frame from the mirror.

A broken mirror is not a reason to get rid of the frame. You can create a real work of art from it. You will need sandpaper, brushes, a roller, paints, nails and a hammer, a cork panel.

The first step is to cut out the frame from the panel (the original is taken as the basis). The second step is to insert the cut–out frame into the inside of the main frame. The third step is gluing the structure or fixing it with nails. The frame from the mirror is ready.

The finished product can be used as a bedroom or hall decor.


If you approach the issue wisely, it is quite possible to fill an old closet with a new breath. Decorative panels, pencil and tape will help in this.

The first step is to take measurements of the back wall. The second step is to cut a piece out of the panels according to the measurements. The third step is wallpaper gluing. The decor of the cabinet ends here.

Updating furniture

Updating furniture


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