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Restoration of the enameled bath

Recently, the purchase of a new bath has become quite expensive. This explains the desire of many to restore an existing bath. If it is decided to restore an old product, then there are several options for solving this problem.

Options for the restoration of an enameled bath

The cheapest and easiest way is to restore the product yourself. To do this, you need to buy enamel and use a brush to apply it to the surface of the bath. The second method is more expensive. In this case, it is necessary to resort to the professional help of restorers, here you will be helped by high-quality Restoration of the enameled bath. Specialists will perform all the work efficiently and quickly.

However, the most expensive way is to apply enamel by spraying. It is only necessary to find a company that will undertake this work. But before you choose one of the methods, you should clearly understand the stages of the work. After all, regardless of the method, the stages will be the same.

Stages of work execution

The first step is to clean the inner surface of the product from the old enamel layer. In order to perform this procedure, you need to apply a cleaning agent to the product with a sponge. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there should be no chlorine in the product that is chosen for purification. After that, the surface is cleaned with sandpaper, and the resulting foam is washed off with warm water. The next thing to do is to remove the rust and all the irregularities, and then apply a degreasing agent. After the bath is cleaned, it is necessary to put boiling water in it and wait at least 10 minutes. After the specified time, the water is drained, and the surface of the product is wiped with a lint-free cloth and let the bath dry. It was just a preparatory stage.

The next stage begins with the preparation of a special composition. To do this, you need to mix the hardener with the enamel in certain proportions. The first layer that is applied to the products is a primer. It is applied to the surface with a flat brush. Dry the primer layer for at least 20 minutes. The next layer is the main one. It should be applied as evenly as possible. After all, the service life of the restored product depends on this. Apply the second layer of enamel very carefully so that bubbles do not appear. The appearance of bubbles can cause the new enamel to begin to peel off. The entire bath restoration process takes from two to four hours.

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