House design

Glass in the interior of a private house

The interior of a private house can be diversified with glass structures in different versions. You just need to use them properly. After all, an unusual “glass” material is a godsend for the artist. It is easy to process. It is also easy to transform into a unique style with the help of a designer, playing with a range of colors. The beauty of glass, unexpected solutions have found application in modern indoor interior design projects.

The phrase “glass floor” may be surprising. But only at first glance. Transparent or frosted, with original decorations under the glass surface or with multicolored lighting, an unusual floor will give its owner a lot of positive emotions and will delight the guests. The strength of the glass floor covering is achieved by means of multilayer panels installed on a special frame. Made of triplex, they are able to withstand significant loads. And the upper hardened layer is resistant to mechanical damage and wear. In addition, if necessary, the top glass can always be replaced.

The number of triplex layers is calculated individually for each case and directly depends on the expected load. But even with the destruction of the upper glass layers, the integrity of the surface of the entire floor cannot be violated and will not cause its collapse. Such a floor will give an exotic beauty to the room.

Just like the glass ceiling. Additional lighting through the upper part of the room saves electricity, lengthens the daylight hours and has a positive effect on the phytodesign of the room. And when used as a coating of flexible tiles, it becomes possible to make panoramic windows in the roof.

Glass doors can also pleasantly surprise. An individual order of a model you like or a personal artistic idea embodied in a decorative drawing on a glass surface will become the center of the entire “glass composition”. The door panel can be either purely transparent, or decorated with artistic matting or decorative film. The combined compositions combining different types of glass with the help of aluminum profiles look original. The door surface with artistic sandblasting will mask defects on the glass and reduce its transparency, please the eye with an artistic image, emphasize the features of the design style.