salt room

What should be the interior of the salt room?

The intense rhythm of life in a big city, as well as the unfavorable environmental situation of our time, requires the organization of additional spaces for human health improvement. A fairly effective solution to these problems is a salt room, which is used for preventive and therapeutic purposes. It has a restorative effect on the human body.

The main features of the interior of such a space are:

  • the minimum number of interior items. In such rooms it is necessary not only to create a quiet and peaceful environment, but also to provide a sufficient amount of free space. Several relaxation chairs are usually the only pieces of furniture in the salt room;
  • soft colors of walls and objects. For the above reasons, excessively bright and colorful shades will not be present here;
  • fancy wall patterns or images that are perfect for relaxing the eyes.

When decorating the interior of the salt room, you can also use small stylized sculptures. They should correspond to the general concept of the room and not take up a large amount of space. In this regard, such interior items are best placed along the walls.

Some original design ideas

Almost any salt room can include original wall paintings. You should also pay attention to the central part of the space where you can place thematic items. In some cases, the chairs themselves are decorated, if this does not interfere with the rest of visitors.