House design

“Sakura branch”. Design of a studio apartment.

Apply the sakura motif. Use modern trends and natural materials in the decoration, equip with cutting-edge technology. Create a sleeping area. Make a comfortable apartment for two from a one-room apartment.

We have created an additional room for the sleeping area, a wardrobe in the hall. The kitchen was raised on the podium. The great advantage of this apartment is two large ceiling-to-floor windows that open a beautiful view of the Dnieper.

Modern style with oriental motifs. Huge decorative glass separating the living room and bedroom are made using new technologies. The second partition separating the bedroom from the living room is a bamboo composition.

In the living room there is a large corner sofa and plasma. There are geometric lines on the ceiling, niches with lights, but nothing superfluous — everything is balanced and harmonized. The interior is designed in beige-coffee-green tones with dark brown inserts. This background is diluted with bright light green elements – decorative niches, chairs, paintings, pillows. Drawing of a sakura branch – it was placed on the sliding wardrobe door and on a ceramic panel on the bathroom wall.