House design

“Pink marshmallow”. Design of a three-room apartment.

Open bright apartment for a young couple. Create a studio, use modern high-quality materials, technical know-how. The kitchen, living room and recreation room are combined into a studio. In the private part of the apartment, a guest room and a bedroom are left in the form of separate rooms. A large built-in dressing room has been created in the bedroom.

High-tech with ethnic elements. The studio space seems to open up and breathe from the purity of white, and the pink decor of niches, furniture elements and accessories harmonizes and creates comfort. The movement of the studio is set by various zoning techniques: a glass column with a bar counter in a circle of floor tiles, the same circle is repeated in the dining area arranged in an attached loggia. The shine of high-tech furniture, lamps, audio and video equipment, shaded with pink, has become soft and cozy.

It is made on the most “prominent” part of the studio apartment, where design and decor elements are emphasized in color. The ventilation shaft passing from top to bottom is closed with a special glass hood, in which additional pipes for illuminated water are made. The play of water and light creates a mysterious atmosphere in the dark.