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Roman curtains in the kitchen interior

Roman curtains are considered one of the very modern design methods of today’s kitchen interiors. Not paying attention to the fact that they were created many centuries ago, their system has not actually changed, and the curtains delight the owners of the living area with their own pretty appearance. Such a solution is considered quite convenient and reasonable.

Advantages of Roman curtains

  • Roman curtains have specific agonistic lines, they take up little space, do not overload the interior and are great for small kitchens. Thanks to the fastening, which is performed in different versions: on the ceiling, an opening, a window or even a glazed loggia, such products can help save space. This is particularly comfortable if the work area is located near the window structure, because the descending folds of the curtains will not take up much space, which is so necessary for the hostess when doing household chores.
  • In order to maximize the space, and also to free up the window sill, it is recommended to install similar structures deep into the window opening. Roman curtains do not actually collect dust, and fats are not absorbed; they hide the wrong proportions of the room; visually make the space larger, and the multifunctional dimensions of the products make it possible to choose them for windows of different sizes. If you wish, the curtains can be precisely adjusted to the size of the window.

The disadvantages of such products include a slightly unusual system, which not everyone considers comfortable, and also a rather large cost, which includes the cost of fabric, tailoring, and the installation of a cornice.

In the straightened form, these products resemble a solid canvas from the outside, and if they are lifted using a fairly simple mechanism, they gather into folds that lie on top of each other. The correct form of such systems is given by the rails designed specifically for this.

The name of this design element appeared in the Empire of Rome, a similar variant was used to lift sails on ancient ships. Now there are problems that are raised with the help of automatic mechanisms. An electric motor is placed in the cornice for these curtains, as a result, they can be lowered and raised using the remote control.

But this option is best used for large windows.

Advantages of Roman curtains

Such curtains are made of materials of any texture and density. Roman curtains made of linen, cotton and silky fabrics are considered especially popular. The selection of the texture will depend entirely on the own desires of the owners of the house. Now the actual focus has become interior decoration with the help of woven products made of reed or bamboo fibers.

For kitchens in which windows are located on the south or west side, it is recommended to purchase Roman curtains that protect from hot sunlight, which are sewn from strong fabrics.

If, for example, the room is located on the north side, and you need to add a lot of light to it, you can decorate it with curtains made of translucent fabric of white shades. The unusual style of curtains allows you to easily combine them with other decorative elements, for example, lambrequins or curtains. Plus, they can be decorated with various flounces, ribbons or fringes. But it must be borne in mind that the abundance of similar decor can complicate the overall style of the room.

Basically, curtains are selected for the kitchen to match the tone of furniture or other textile components.

One of the types is to make a Roman canvas and furniture upholstery of curtains from the same material or to purchase curtains, the pattern and color of which will be combined with bedspreads for sofas. If you wish, you can take the wallpaper color that the walls are covered with as a reference point. If, for example, the kitchen interior is distinguished by a variety of different colors, you can choose a material for draperies that combines in color with a kitchen set, sofa or other three-dimensional furniture item.

If we talk about a particularly favorable color palette for the kitchen, then the use of Roman olive shade curtains will be an excellent way out of this situation.

They will make the room fresh and a pleasant atmosphere of coolness. But it must be borne in mind that such a design is better suited for rooms with good natural lighting. The airy and light atmosphere in the room will be made by blue curtains, which are conducive to relaxation and rest, which can perfectly harmonize with kitchen furniture of this color.

Roman curtains of peach, beige or cream tones will perfectly fit into the interior. Such a solution of colors will make it very easy to change the artistic kitchen style, without changing the curtains at the same time.

In daylight, this convenient system lets quite a lot of natural light into the kitchen, and at dusk, when it descends, it transforms into a fashionable and magnificent decorative element.

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