Stucco decor used in the interior

Stucco decor used in the interior

The role of stucco decoration in the interior is truly amazing. The elements of modeling are wonderfully combined with most styles, which makes it possible to manifest character in the interior, for the office – strict business, for the bedroom – warm and romantic, for the hall intelligent, for the living room – luxurious. It is simply irreplaceable to give a zest to any interior.

It is not at all surprising that most of the palaces and residences were elegantly decorated with stucco decor, and looking at the photo of the stucco decor, we understand why. The main trend of medieval decoration, which has survived a lot and has only become more relevant, is gilding. Thanks to modern methods of decoration, gilding is also used, but only in some styles.

Thanks to the right choice of elements, we have the opportunity to make many styles more expressive, emphasizing something special. For example, one of the most used finishing materials was the stucco decoration of ceiling cornices, rosettes, exquisite decorative columns.

The use of stucco decoration in classic interiors

Depending on the shape of the stucco decoration, a certain style was set for the interior, and it is also a secondary element for the continuation of the main decor ideas. Ceiling sockets could be the central part of the ceiling, thereby making a place around the chandelier.

Pilasters and columns served to decorate window and door openings, portals and door frames. In Romanticism or neoclassicism, it is very important not to oversaturate the interior decor with details, otherwise the excess of elements of stucco details will begin to ripple in the eyes. But a well-chosen cornice or baguette will be able to enliven the interior, and it will sparkle with new colors.

The use of stucco decoration in modern styles

As if minimalism, or pop art, you can use cornices that hide lighting, which do not oblige any needs in the interior and style. They can be painted in any color, so they will fit anywhere.

If we talk about materials, then working with foam is faster and without any special contamination, if we compare it with gypsum. And products from gypsum are much more expensive. And the preference for gypsum products appears most often if you have not found anything to your taste. Although this is unlikely, because there is a huge selection of modeling made of plaster and plastic.

What you prefer, whether you want to use stucco decor in your interior, or not, is up to you.