House design

The banal world of things

Living people do not live in stylish salon interiors, but in a real, familiar environment for them, absorbed from childhood, acquired by career successes, perverted by complexes, fears and ambitions.

We create residential interiors, stuffing them with a bunch of gadgets… Is it worth it? Sorry, I’m not talking about professional designers, but about the consumer and the initiator of the interior order. I don’t want to offend anyone – this is a normal natural life. The word “pribambas” was invented by construction workers who embody the idea of the owner and designer. They have to implement sometimes incomprehensible complex things. Any contraption made for the sake of himself or the person who invented it, in the end, is a source of consumer depression.

This is foreplay. I want to talk about the interconnected, but about something else. A person who creates his home strives for functionality and comfort, sometimes for prestige. There are simply no other goals. Starting to live, we have a lot of small things for life, for work, for recreation, for “just like”… They need to be used, they need to be seen, they need to be put somewhere. In order for things not to annoy, but to please, we build them into compositions or come up with beautiful things for them to live in.

Now about the main thing in this article. THINGS AND COMPOSITIONS are the basis of our daily life. We’re not going anywhere from things. We consume them, we do something with their help. Yes, it’s just that we like them, we love them. Attractive magazine pictures of fashionable interiors delight… Yes, but how to exist in them? I want to give two very illustrative examples. My friend, a stylish fashion designer, participated in the exhibition with his cool wooden furniture. We sat down at his exhibition table to talk. I ordered a cup of coffee. Dishes at the exhibition are one—time, cookies are on napkins. He was shocked when it all ended up on his desk. He advocated the purity of the composition… I completely agree with him. But the question is: who needs a beautiful table, on which it is not permissible to mess up.

Here is the second example: the famous Moscow program “The Housing issue”. The customer is a creative person, she experiments with painting, finishing technologies, creating interior compositions. And, by the way, it turns out great. I decided to participate in the program, I felt that I lacked professionalism. A nice designer girl worked on her room. She did it great, beautifully, but did not take into account the mentality of the customer. The hostess comes in… I was dumbfounded by her reaction. I quote: “It’s cool, great, like in a star hotel, but how to live here?.. “The end justifies the means. If an absolutely wonderful solution does not correspond to the method and purpose of its use, then is it a good, true solution? Certain creative people with their thoughts, creations, ideas have influenced and influence the consciousness and attitude of nations and peoples, changing the scale of values, but only if it affects the psychology of people and in no way contradicts the banal animal instincts and human needs.

In the interior, we create a background for functional things. Don’t be afraid of things, think about the composition. Composition solves everything. We want some cute beauties and illusions – for God’s sake, if they turn out and please the heart. You have to live with it, not a neighbor, a friend, an architect or a boss.