free space in the room

Don’t get complacent because of the small size! 7 ideas on how to change the design of a small bathroom

Does the shower, toilet, washing machine and laundry basket fit in 6 “squares” of your bathroom? Do you still dream of free space in the room? Then our selection of ideas from Western designers will come in handy.

Floor tiles: a simple pattern for a small room

Light and light floor tiles will visually increase the space of the room. But it is better to abandon dark, gray and black shades: they “eat up” all the space.

! Plain tiles should cover the entire floor without creating stylistic gaps.

More natural beauty!

River stone and green plants add natural beauty, visually increasing the space.

Immersion in the mirror world

Mirrors allow you to increase the space and “remove” the walls. Thanks to them, the interior is filled with a sense of depth, lightness and weightlessness.

BUT! Never place mirrors opposite each other. Do not place them directly in front of the toilet. Eastern Feng Shui teaching says that such a position of mirrors provokes a “drain” of the family’s well-being.

The inner side of the door is the epitome of versatility

Which way does the door open? If inside the room, it is better to change it to an opening from the outside or a sliding one. Remember: an ordinary door can be “armed” with a holder for towels and shelves.

Generous lighting

Have you seen how the light changes the interior of the bathroom? A tiny, uncomfortable, angular room suddenly becomes warm, comfortable. The more light, the better. The time of one of Ilyich’s light bulbs, which hung despondently in the room, has long passed.

Open shelves

NEVER fill up open shelves with “junk”, no matter how important it may seem: jars of varnish, cotton swabs, mascara … Hide all the wealth in lockers, unloading shelves in the room.

By the way, glass shelves will look perfect in a small bathroom. They will create an atmosphere of “weightless lightness”.

You’re bothering me! We remove everything that creates crowding

A large washing machine, a bottomless laundry basket, a cabinet hanging over the toilet… Is it worth using all this in the interior? You can refuse to pile up in a small bathroom: we will move the washing machine to the kitchen, replace the huge laundry basket with a small one, and remove the closet hanging over the toilet a la “hello from the scoop”.

You can always organize the space! You are the masters of the “squares” and life. Decide on changes, and you will succeed.

free space in the room

free space in the room