Country style charm

Country style charm for kitchen interior

It is typical for the traditional country style to use various rustic elements in the interior of the premises: these are carved wood, forged metal, and linen accessories.

The country-style interior is balanced in terms of naturalness and conciseness. This is due to the fact that the materials used bring a natural flavor.

The country-style kitchen interior assumes the absence of pretentious elements when covering floors, on pieces of furniture. Also, such accessories that attract too much attention are excluded. It is characteristic to achieve the effect with the help of wooden furniture, country-style hoods, the use of white or natural shades of wood. It is permissible to add some additional decorations as the final feature of the kitchen interior, but there should be few of them.

The country-style kitchen is characterized by the presence of matte polishes in the interior, they look very nice together with elements of forged metal. It is better to make a tabletop of a simple shape, round or square. If it is made of natural marble or wood, then it will also be in the country style. The seats to the table should be comfortable, with comfortable backs. These can be benches made of carved wood, with upholstery made of suitable material.

If the kitchen simultaneously performs the functions of a dining room, then for convenience, you can use an elongated table with semi-soft chairs. The main element can be a wooden sideboard, which at the same time divides the dining area from the cooking area. Or to separate the zones from each other, you can put a partition made of forged metal, with a floral ornament.

The windows of the country-style kitchen deserve special attention. They need to be decorated quite picturesquely, using jardinieres, vases, and similar items. Curtains in the country style are light linen curtains, with a small cage on the print. Despite its lightness, such curtains, when decorated in country style, will hang on heavy curtains made of wood.

Country-style radiators can be very easily aesthetically disguised. To do this, you can use a carved lattice. For a spacious country-style kitchen, you can provide a stone fireplace, or an artificial one. Its decoration can be decorated accordingly with grilles for decoration batteries, using forged iron elements.