Interior in the country language: design and furniture

Interior in the country language: design and furniture

The English word country has two meanings at its disposal: country and village. Most likely, this determines the distinctive features of the country style. From case to case, this is a rustic home design, and from time to time a style that restores the flavor of different countries. To shave the whole truth-the uterus in the eyes as at any time in the middle.

The interior in the country genre is a generalized image of the rural at home, and its “nationality” determines from the head from its point of view. Will there be an American ranch, a Swiss chalet, a Russian hut, a Latin American hacienda or an English cottage. Nevertheless, all the country style graphs of paramount importance can be successfully reproduced not only in a country house, but also in today’s apartment. Of paramount importance with all this is simplicity, functionality and in the absence of pretentiousness.

This is a drop in the ocean of romantic, horror as a comfortable and homely style. He sets up a companionable pastime in a quiet family circle, a soft and peaceful life. Nowadays, country music has said goodbye to the harsh and childish pastoral simplicity and has become much more subtle, subtle and vibrant, but has retained its advantages of paramount importance – in the absence of pretentiousness, softness, lyricism, proximity to nature.


Country is an ecological design. As a result, preference is given to real finishing and construction materials. However, you should not throw away all kinds of imitations of them. Of paramount importance, in order not to waste the initial positions of the style – its “warmth”.
For the walls – picturesque plaster or a combination of fragments of plastered walls with partially preserved frozen or brickwork.
Or a stationery wallpaper with a pale and careful floral image. It’s terrible how many times the walls are finished with a border or a molded cornice, and in the basement part of the wall – decorative panels. The walls in the kitchen and bathroom are in most cases the brightest and smoothest. In the dining room, guest rooms and living rooms have every chance to be much brighter colors: light brown, yellow, cream, peach.

The current finishing fabrics look very stylish. In particular, wallpaper imitating papyrus, or bamboo wallpaper (they have a real texture: interlacing stems, fibers of real bamboo). And vinyl wallpaper for coloring, to have the texture of fabrics at your disposal.
Now about the floor spraying. Paving with tiles or decorative stone, heavy wooden floorboards made of standing or painted pine will be suitable.

The purest find for country style hunters mats. They are given the opportunity to be natural, woven from plant fibers. Or of artificial origin, made of polypropylene. In the form of a floor closure, it is quite possible to adopt high-class rugs or carpets that imitate boorish knitting.
When creating a country interior, the bread of the industry is also used – much better, if as an aged, here and there crazy patina of bronze or brass. Very organic here as there is a clear component part. But the brilliant radiant bread of the industry, like high–tech glass, plastic is much better to exclude – it is an integral part of high-tech.


Country furniture is wooden, rustic flat, but of planned shapes, with unpolished surfaces or wicker (armchairs, sofas, rocking chairs).
A necessary set for living rooms is a dwelling and a wardrobe made of clumsily treated wood, for a dining room – a dining table, a sideboard and stools. Each such object has the smallest number of missions and revealed pastoral simplicity. However, with all this, it is not at all necessary to imitate the peasant way of life and the shabbiness that is not difficult. Practical, multifunctional and brand-new furniture will also be available, of course.

Wooden chairs, tables and benches, wall slides and cupboards for dishes will be appropriate in the kitchen. They can be painted with a dead-pale paint, in order to design very discharged combinations with blue curtains in a hollow floral pattern or cage.
It is quite possible to arrange pottery on the visual troops of sideboards and hinged wooden cabinets. Plates of all sizes without exception, cups with saucers, candlesticks, bowls, teapots – all this can be deprived of another thing drawing (as if left from dissimilar sets), but to preserve the corporate flavor.

Wicker baskets, commercial tin cans for tea, coffee and biscuits, ancient kitchen utensils and utensils, all these things that were previously indispensable in the household, are now just an integral part of the decor, decorative interiors in the agrarian language.
The predominant collecting circumstance in the country genre reveals the use of textiles – tablecloths, napkins and covers, draperies on chairs and chair covers, lampshades and other decorations.
Especially appreciated in the country are the works of domestic functioning – embroidered clean towels and napkins, patchwork blankets, woven rugs “from grandma’s chest”. Any work from its point of view is charming, unique and charming.

On the windows are ingenious curtains made of cotton with small assemblies, ruffles, drapery, the brightest, in the tone of the walls with a vegetarian, drizzling pattern. When the same curtains are moved by the wind, as if you feel the smell of meadow flowers and ants.
On the sofas – who knows how many pillows and pillows, embroidered, knitted, colorful. Don’t let the variety of patterns and colors, the combination of motley fabrics from calico to wool, and patterns – from cages to flower bouquets – of paramount importance cause you fear, for the purpose it all organically combined and did not overload the interior at all.

It is much better to adopt your own colors for nature: green, terracotta, muted yellow, the heavenly color of the sky and water, the color of natural wood, the golden-purple color of the autumn crown and the pale pink color of early morning.
Country is characterized by multicolour, in addition, not intense, but bold, accurate, barely quiet.

A coloristic balance that has an impact. If, in particular, light blue and light beige are combined in the upholstery of furniture, then it is much better to use shiny soft tones for wallpaper, carpet, curtains, tablecloths. If the walls and all the huge surfaces of the interior are designed in a certain range, it is quite possible to focus on the brightest accessories. For the upholstery of complaisant furniture and draperies, monochrome fabrics or real country “tartan” and a shiny strip are selected. Printed fabrics with almost naturalistic colors, an imaginary drawing of “miles of fleur” (“a thousand flowers”), a piece scattering of tiny flowers are often adapted.

The decoration of the country house is flowers: insensitive and full of energy bouquets (hydrangeas and roses, daisies and marigolds) in vases and vases that are worthy everywhere, from the hallway to the kitchen. And, of course, lively flowers in pots – on window sills, troops and buffets.
And on the wall there are uncomplicated landscapes made in watercolor, framed photographs and shelves with books.
In such a house it is cozy, calm, and so not by hearsay to sit by the fireplace with a cup of fragrant tea, to erase from memory that the millionth city is noisy outside the window.

Interior in the country language: design and furniture

Interior in the country language: design and furniture