Grillato ceiling

Ceiling selection during renovation

Repairs are quite capacious and costly work. It is necessary to think through everything to the smallest detail, and try not to miss the main thing. Choosing wallpaper, color combinations and flooring, due attention is paid to the choice of the ceiling. Today there are a great many varieties and types. Having organized all the necessary processes correctly, the result will exceed all expectations.

Types of ceilings

To make the right decision, you need to study all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of ceiling, so if you are choosing a ceiling for your outlet in the shopping center, then you’d better choose a Grillato ceiling.


Conditionally ceilings are divided:

1. Ceilings of traditional purpose (painted, whitewashed, papered).

2. Plasterboard ceilings.

3. Cassette ceilings.

4. Mirrored ceilings

5. Filing.

6. Stretch.

The first point has been used in construction for many years and is widely known among the population. Such repairs will not require a significant investment and can be carried out with their own hands if desired. But let’s talk about the following types in a little more detail.

These types can be combined with one property: there is no need to level the coating. Fasteners are made using a frame made of metal profiles. This makes it advantageous to hide the necessary communications.

Plasterboard ceilings

The material has an absolutely flat surface and allows you to create unusual shapes and drawings. It becomes possible to make a ceiling of several levels, which gives the room a stunning look. The cost is affordable.

Cassette ceilings

This ceiling has the form of a frame structure made of aluminum cassette plates, which consist of square-shaped panels. Installation of this type is fast, and technical equipment can be installed between the cassettes.

Mirrored ceilings

The next view is very similar to the previous one, but mirrors are attached here instead of panels. This visually allows you to complement the space and increase the area of the room. There are many advantages of such a ceiling, but the price somewhat confuses many buyers.

Hemmed ceilings

The name of the ceiling creates an idea of the design. The frame is attached to the base of the ceiling. After that, you can use drywall, plywood and other materials. The flight of fantasies in the field of ceiling shapes has no boundaries.

Rack ceilings

Rack ceilings are made with thin plates. The process is not complicated, but a certain skill is still necessary. Hooks are installed on the ceiling, after suspension, then bearing profiles and panels are mounted at the end.

Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are truly a masterpiece in construction. This kind of ceiling is the fastest and cleanest. And the beauty and elegance of the color scheme will not leave consumers indifferent. The principle of operation is an unusual technology using a high temperature regime. The result exceeds all expectations.

Creating a chic interior in compliance with all the secrets of design art is now available to everyone, the main thing is to start the repair.

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