House design

Interior design of your home

Each of us does not stop thinking about the beauty of his own home, and today, when there is such a variety of all kinds of offers, it is sometimes difficult to understand the abundance of styles and directions, and so I want to equip my home in a single stylistic way. Harmony should be present in the entire interior of the apartment, starting from the color scheme and ending with the arrangement of furniture, the use of elements and interior materials.

To date, there are so many styles and trends, but still, it is worth highlighting the most significant ones among them, used as the primary basis for the rest of the others.

The most universal, but at the same time with its characteristic parade, striving for saturation and brilliance, combining a strict geometric layout, is the classical style, or classicism. It is characterized by a moderate, restrained decor, and all the elements of the interior are combined with each other, giving the interior richness and completeness. Almost any house can be equipped with such an interior.
The age of modern technical technologies has burst into our homes, artfully expressed in Hi-Tech style, combining modern household appliances, coziness and comfort. In this style, the main emphasis is placed on the so-called flaunting of any household appliances, a microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster, as if symbolizing the indisputable achievements in the field of modern progress.

The Hi-Tech interior is highly polished metal surfaces, various metal fasteners and bolts that emit a kind of metal cold. Sometimes it even seems that all this metallica lives its own separate life in the house.
National colors are used in a huge group of styles, so in the Chinese style the main emphasis is on the red color scheme, in the Japanese style a combination of elements of asymmetry and external simplicity is welcomed, and the Mediterranean style highlights the saturation of colors and interior texture.

Young and over-employed people prefer apartments executed in the style of minimalism, a style that promotes nothing superfluous, everything is only the most important and necessary, a minimum of interior items and decorations and all rooms are executed in the lightest colors. This style emphasizes our fleeting and impetuous life, a clear movement to unconquered heights.
Country, the style is truly national, there are countless different details and nuances, each country has its own standard set, but with mandatory light tones in the interior, a fireplace and wooden ceilings and beams, furniture made of natural wood or woven from vines. Often this style is chosen for the design of the kitchen or dining room.
It is impossible not to mention the favorite style of designers, the Art Nouveau style, which uses smooth and winding lines in the interior, the desire for asymmetry, the presence of natural motifs in the furniture. This style is often complemented by orchid and iris flowers.

Creating your own interior, it is impossible not to pay due attention to the floor surface, its texture should be combined with the entire design as a whole. Parquet is more suitable for the dining room and living room, and it is better to choose ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Although even here it is possible to move away from stereotypes and make even the most unpredictable design steps. For the right choice, you should not lose sight of some of the secrets and properties of various floor coverings. For example, laminate can visually make the surrounding space cozy, but at the same time enhance the effect of minimalism, emphasizing its coldness.

When choosing it, an important accent will be the selection of its color scheme, which will symbolize the heat or cold emanating from it. For houses made in oriental motifs, parquet is more suitable, which can be supplemented with a beautiful carpet. Country style and classicism also welcome parquet flooring. When choosing a floor surface, combine practicality, convenience and unity of the interior.

Having dealt with the floor, it is worth fixing your gaze on the very top, on the ceiling. Of course, you can not touch it at all, having decorated it only with the most suitable material and color scheme.
Today, suspended ceilings have become particularly popular, attracting attention with their practicality and appearance. First of all, suspended ceilings are small standard slabs of gypsum, properly attached to the ceiling. There is such a variety of them in color and texture that allows you to embody any interesting idea of the designer.

An interesting solution for the ceiling can be stretch ceilings, which is a special film stretched over the ceiling, tightly adjacent to the walls.
Among other things, the main part of the lighting fixtures that illuminate our home is located on the ceiling, their quantity, variety and quality also depends on the style of the house you choose. For the living room, you should choose more lamps with greater brightness, and for the bedroom, you should choose lamps with the ability to adjust brightness. The front light in the room will be created by all kinds of floor lamps and table lamps, they are especially appropriate to use in the classical and country style.

When choosing furniture for your home, you should take into account the style, color and material. In the oriental style or in the classic style, pastel tones are more appropriate, but the Hi-Tech style and minimalism prefer cold colors. Country welcomes warm and light tones, modern style allows you to choose any color. You are active and impetuous and prefer liveliness in everything, then feel free to stop at bright colors. But it is not necessary to dress the whole room in bright colors, it is enough to make a few bright spots. If you are more inclined to rest and rest, it is better to choose muted milky tones. For creative natures, purple and yellow colors contribute to the realization of creative activity.
An important touch to the interior is added by all kinds of accessories and designer trifles that fill the house with a kind of living spirit.