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Triple curtains in the living room interior

In the procedure of creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in a room for receiving guests, housewives are looking for the most original and modern options for beautifully decorating a window. Sometimes these options are considered old verified variations, because it is not in vain that they say: The new is a perfectly forgotten old. Triple curtains for the guest began to be used even earlier, and now they are undergoing a new moment of their own change. In this note we will talk about what is called curtains of this type, we will consider many variations of the design and we need to figure out which cornice to choose for them.

Which curtains are called triple?

To have a concrete idea about these curtains, let’s focus on their definition. Triple curtains are a harmonious combination of different parts of curtains (curtains, lambrequins, drapes or double curtains) suspended in a specific order on top of each other. At the same time, any special part is made of various fabrics, which makes it possible to make a cute multi-layered decoration. Such curtains, which came to us from the old days, still have a place to be, because they are perfectly capable of beautifully decorating both the traditional and today’s guest room.

Curtains made of several layers are designed to make a festive atmosphere, they will highlight the aristocracy and luxury of the image, plus the excellent taste of the owners.

Design of multi-layer curtains

There are quite a lot of variations in the design and sewing of curtains. The selection of the design first of all depends on the image

the design in which the entire guest room is decorated. But it is also necessary to take into account the fact that not all varieties and styles of curtains can be multi-layered, for example, actual roller blinds can be either an independent window decoration or in combination with similar curtains made of light fabric (organza, tulle, voile).

Let’s consider especially optimal options for triple curtains, which can complement the living room with a beautiful and stylish interior.

Composition of curtains from curtains and drapes, decorated with lambrequin

This is a particularly popular version of multilayer curtains, which was popular ten years ago. Such a set of curtains is both convenient and practical. It perfectly decorates the room, adding splendor and conviviality to it, at night, curtains made of dense fabric are able to hide you from inquisitive eyes, and plus not to let the light of night and moonlight lanterns pass.

Some three parts of such curtains can be made of different fabrics.

For curtains, it is mainly selected: tulle, organza, veil, in other words, the fabric must be light and airy, perfectly pass light. Curtains are very often sewn from dense, but at the same time flowing fabrics or from very heavy, for example, it can be microfibre, satin, linen, brocade. And finally, the lambrequin component decorating the part on top of the window can be made of fabric, leather, wood or a combination of them. Recall that the lambrequin is clearly attached to the cornice and does not move along it.

Lambrequin can be: soft, hard, combined. And the shape of the lambrequins is noted:

  • as semicircles, called swags;
  • as arcs or overhangs over the cornice;
  • lambrequin with an oblique lower edge and sheer folds;
  • lambrequin as a tie and bell;
  • as a component with sheer folds, having an edge at the bottom, beveled to the middle.

Двойные портьеры в комбинировании с гардинами

Double curtains with curtains have become an actual replacement for multilayer curtains. Such curtains are 4 straight canvases made of strong fabric, while two of them have one color, and the other two have a different one. You can hang this set in all possible ways, but under any circumstances, the first layer must necessarily be a light and flowing curtain. As for the curtains, they are fastened in one of the following ways.

  • The first option is to hang curtains of the same color on the second row of the cornice, and another one on the third row;
  • The second option is hanging canvases as in chess. For example, on the second row they hang a dark canvas on the left, and on the right side – a bright one, on the third row it is necessary to hang a bright one on the left, and on the right side – a dark canvas. At the same time, the canvases on the outer row can be assembled for pickups or specialized hairpins.

Choosing the right cornice

Speaking of three-layer sets of curtains, it is necessary to say a few words about the cornice, because it is considered an inseparable part of them. So, for similar curtains, a three-row cornice is needed, which must meet the style of the guest’s design and not differ from the general emotion from the design. A properly selected cornice is one of the components of a successful design. There are two types of cornices.

  1. Practical – designed to hold curtains. They are made mainly of plastic and carbon fiber. If the curtains are not very heavy, then such an option is quite permissible, but if they are very heavy, then an excellent option is still to give preference to a wooden or metal cornice.
  2. Decorative – intended for window decoration. It is better to choose wood and metal from materials for such a cornice, which look more beautiful and cute.

When choosing a cornice, take into account such moments:

  • the length of the cornice must be 10-20 cm longer than the length of the window, or purchase a cornice from corner to corner of the wall with a window opening.
  • Take a close look at the flaws, especially on the plastic cornices, because the notches can simply damage the curtains.
  • Pick up only the cornice on which the rings or hooks move very easily, without difficulty.

Summing up, we recall that triple curtains will be an excellent way out of this situation for a guest in the classical style, but they will also look great in the modern reception area.

Choosing the color of the fabric, take into account the color and shades in which the guest room is decorated. You can choose curtains for upholstered furniture upholstery, wallpaper color. Simply put, they should perfectly fit into the room decoration. Carefully treat the window decor and do not be afraid to ask for help from professional designers.

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