We design a bathroom

We design a bathroom – unusual ideas for ordinary rooms

More recently, the bathrooms in each apartment were decorated like a carbon copy: identical tiles on the walls, monotonous tiles on the floor, primitive white plumbing. The lack of plumbing and construction materials affected, there was a shortage of any goods.

However, times are changing. Today, a huge variety of finishing materials are presented on the shelves of stores, which make it possible to transform any room in the house beyond recognition.

A lot of design ideas posted on the Internet will allow you to approach this process more creatively. Let’s consider a few original, but at the same time simple bathroom design options.

The first idea: sea stories. Many people will have to taste, going into the bathroom, find themselves in a real water element. The bath itself will act as a boat. By purchasing an acrylic product, you can choose it of any color and shape suitable for the style being created. However, it is also possible to modify the old bath, it is enough to decorate it accordingly and lift it off the floor on racks.

The floor should be finished using the technology of self-leveling floors with a 3D image of the depths of the sea, and the walls should be covered with wooden boards similar to shipboard and covered with waterproof varnish. The ceiling will act as the sky, painted in a pale blue tone or decorated with stretch ceilings of different colors, imitating a cloudy sky.

As decorative elements, ropes or thick twine tied with sea knots, curtains made of canvas or ordinary waterproof material, but with a marine pattern applied, are perfect.

A nice chest will act as a drawer for dirty laundry, and the sink can be decorated under a ship’s barrel. Of course, it is better to implement all these ideas in a fairly wide space, which, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of. However, in a small bathroom you can arrange a complete calm or a storm at sea.

The second idea: forest motifs. We offer you to find yourself in a pine forest. One of the walls from floor to ceiling is decorated with a photo print depicting a forest bathed in the sun. Sunny weather can be emphasized by laying an LED strip in the upper part of it. The bathtub can have any shape and is installed either along the opposite wall or in the middle, if there is enough space for this.

The technology of self-leveling floor with the image of the earth strewn with needles will create a sense of presence in the forest thicket. The main condition for decorating a room is no open shelves, only narrow dark-colored cabinets from floor to ceiling, imitating trees. All communications are hidden in such pencil cases.

The third idea: an art gallery. Decorated in this way, the bathroom acts as an exhibition hall, in which the composition of art objects is updated from time to time. Of course, we are not talking about the originals of paintings by great masters. These may be family photos in original frames, placed in a certain order on a white tile laid from floor to ceiling. Next time, you can place black silhouettes on the walls, in which famous personalities like Sherlock Holmes are guessed. On a white background, they will look very original. A prerequisite for decorating a bathroom in this style is the presence of permanent elements. They can be a rectangular mirror and exhibits placed under each other. In this way, the ceiling height inherent in many exhibition centers is emphasized.

These are not all the ideas that can be realized. They are suitable for bathrooms of any size. The main thing is to apply a little imagination to its design and not be afraid to embody your most unexpected ideas. At the same time, financial resources will be spent no more than with the traditional design of the bathroom.

We design a bathroom

We design a bathroom