Wallpaper for walls

Wallpaper for walls

Wallpaper is a wonderful material for apartment renovation. There are so many of them today that you can safely choose, taking into account the quality, design of the room and even price offers. This finishing material was invented quite a long time ago and has been helping to change the appearance of the premises for many years without much financial cost. Among the huge number of wall wallpapers, you can identify their main types, among which, of course, Italian wall wallpapers stand out, which are most used during repairs. These are paper, textile, velour, vinyl and many others.

Paper Wallpaper

The most widely used option for wall repairs. There are single-layer and double-layer. As they say, the name fully determines the characterizing qualities of the material. Single-layer wallpaper quickly fades, does not have high strength, poorly hides flaws on the walls. In addition, they get dirty quickly and are completely unsuitable for wet cleaning. The positive differences are the low cost and good environmental friendliness of the material. Ideally, they can be used to decorate a children’s room, given the tendency of kids to draw on the walls. Two–layer wallpaper – the first layer is the base, the second one contains a drawing. These wallpapers are quite durable, have good light resistance. Their quality is an order of magnitude higher than that of single-layer ones and the price is also.

Non-woven wallpaper

The quality of the material is not very different from the type of paper wallpaper. But they are more durable, perfectly suitable for pasting walls with their subsequent painting. Due to its strength, these wallpapers are able to hide many flaws of the walls. In this case, it is more profitable to use them than to prepare the wall itself for painting. In addition, such wallpaper can be painted repeatedly.

Textile Wallpaper

The production of such wallpaper takes place using fabrics – cotton, linen, jute, etc. The surface of these wallpapers can be any – smooth, embossed and even velvety. These wallpapers are distinguished by their beautiful appearance, thanks to the use of fabrics. There are also a lot of color shades, for every taste. You can add to this high environmental friendliness, the ability to “breathe”, good thermal insulation. The only drawback in this case is that they need very careful handling during operation. And their price is pretty decent.

Vinyl Wallpaper

The basis of these wallpapers is polyvinyl chloride applied to a paper or non-woven base. They can be made without embossing, with embossing, in the form of silk-screen printing or compact vinyl. These wallpapers are quite durable, unassuming. Resistant to dirt and mechanical damage, durable enough.

Here are the main types of wallpaper recommended for widespread use.

Wallpaper for walls

Wallpaper for walls