Seamless stretch ceilings

Seamless stretch ceilings

Technological development of all branches of production does not stand still. Already now we can freely acquire what we could only dream of ten years ago. Outdated things and solutions are being replaced by new ones, bypassing the old ones by all criteria. This also applies to the construction industry, in particular the technology of stretch ceilings. Not so long ago, these constructions were something outlandish and unfamiliar. Now the technology has been brought to perfection. First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of stretch ceilings in the current market of finishing materials, the canvas of which is completely seamless.

The appearance of such structures has helped to significantly expand the possibilities for the design of premises. First of all, this refers to the possibility of creating photo-printed images on seamless canvases and even doing manual (or stencil) painting.


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Another significant advantage of seamless stretch ceilings is the ease of installation. The installation is carried out in the so-called “cold way”, which makes it possible to operate the ceiling even in conditions of unheated balconies or loggias.

Now there are two varieties of such constructions. These are systems based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fabric as well as designs that use a fabric surface.

One of the significant differences between a PVC system and a fabric system is the relatively low price of a polyvinyl chloride film. It is a very durable, but at the same time environmentally friendly material. The width of the rolls of such a cloth (up to 5 meters 30 cm) allows you to achieve the complete absence of connecting seams on the surface. PVC film has a huge range of colors and texture variability. It is easy to take care of it – cleaning is carried out with a regular rag and detergent.

Another option for a seamless surface is a matte canvas. Polyurethane fabric has excellent properties and appearance. It passes air through the fibers, which allows the canvas to “breathe”. In addition, the matte surface is ideal in order to create additional comfort in the room, for example, in the bedroom. Such a coating will perfectly emphasize the sophistication of your taste and will perfectly serve you for more than a dozen years.

In general, seamless stretch ceilings will perfectly decorate your home, giving you and your families comfort and harmony expressed through the furnishings of the house.

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