House design

Air quality

When we start building a house or even repairing an apartment, we pay a lot of time and attention to the planning of our future housing, its decoration, design, interior, such fashionable and really relevant issues of energy saving in our time. In pursuit of its uniqueness, we are ready to spend huge sums on good architects, designers, expensive finishing materials, plumbing, furniture, household appliances.

And at the same time, we rarely think about what we will breathe in the oasis we have created, equipped with showers, jacuzzis, swimming pools, sometimes fountains, and at the same time protected from heat and cold by well-insulated walls, multi-chamber double-glazed windows in the “frame” of the same multi-chamber metal-plastic profiles.

We do not think that by eliminating the ways of leakage of such expensive heat in our time, we at the same time minimize the ways for the intake of air necessary to ensure normal natural ventilation in the room.

Obviously, in the absence of sources of fresh air entering the room, both mechanical and natural ventilation through exhaust ducts (if you even took care of them) is actually reduced to zero. The air in the room gradually, depending on the number of people, the frequency of taking a shower and bath, cooking, is saturated with moisture, products of our breathing, burning gas, etc. gorenje. We become hostages, “prisoners” of our comfort. Fungus appears on the walls and especially on the slopes of windows and balconies.

If we talk about the condition of the same finishing materials after a while, then this is the second question – they can be restored, changed in the end, there would be money. It is more important, in our opinion, to understand what harm can be done to our health. It’s no secret that most modern finishing materials, materials from which furniture is made, emit substances that in certain concentrations can also be dangerous for us and especially for our children.

Therefore, when starting to arrange your future new housing, or repair the old one, it is important at the very beginning to think about how to ensure good air quality in it. Depending on the specific situation, there are many options, especially if during the construction process you were prompted how to build a roof, put windows, make walls.

There are many types of ventilators, valves that are installed in the profile of windows, in the walls. In the mechanisms of the windows themselves, a micro-ventilation mode can also be provided. Nowadays, the market offers a variety of supply and supply-exhaust compact installations of both foreign and domestic manufacturers, there are highly automated systems for maintaining indoor microclimate. We have not set ourselves the task of showing you the advantages or disadvantages of any of the above solutions. It all depends on your specific situation, on your financial capabilities. Yes, we understand that comfort and coziness require certain investments, and sometimes considerable. But we must also realize that air quality is also a part of comfort, our mood, well–being, and finally health!

We urge you not to ignore this issue in principle. There are many firms and organizations that professionally deal with climate issues. Contact the specialists. After all, it is possible to lay down certain solutions at the design stage that will help you to save money on alterations, improvements, etc. in the future, and most importantly, to fully enjoy the coziness and comfort of your home for the rest of your life.

There is no good health without quality air – do not skimp on your health and the health of your loved ones!