House design

The interior of the apartment in the Venetian style

Speaking about the richness of Venetian-style furniture, the sophistication and luxury of the materials used, we will definitely pay attention to the huge cabinets of ancient trends, couches and sofas draped with velour or velvet, an abundance of mirrored surfaces and glass sconces, chandeliers, lamps. It is quite possible to decorate the walls of the rooms with Venetian plaster, wallpaper in the Baroque style, decorate with tapestries, paintings in carved heavy frames.

The presence of an abundance of mirrors in gilded or silver frames in the “Baroque” style will create a magnificent and majestic entourage of the desired Venetian style in the interior of your apartment. Mirrors can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted and desktop, decorate mantels and ledges. In addition to the above-mentioned mirrors, suspended consoles made in a single design solution will serve.

And the ancient Murano glass produced in Venice, from which chandeliers, vases and lamps, tableware, candlesticks, figurines and other interior attributes are made, can cause admiration. The ancient masters of Murano Island have achieved rare properties and qualities of their products with various additives and some technological subtleties, and today you can successfully apply these cute and extremely attractive gizmos.

Tapestries can become a real decoration of a Venetian–style apartment – those unique panoramic views of the tall old houses of Venice, narrow canals with gondolas floating on them. Interesting and romantic in the tapestries are marine themes, bright lush flowers, reproductions of paintings by masters of the Italian Renaissance – Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli.

Textiles used for upholstery of upholstered furniture, tuffs, bedspreads are also worthy of special attention. Venetian blinds are predominantly of the longitudinal-vertical trend. Dense curtains can be decorated with embroidery and beads, crystal elements.

Wall decoration – only Venetian plaster. The abundance of execution techniques and color scheme allows you to create a complete interior design.

Well, let’s remember about such an important accessory of Venice as a carnival mask. This item can be organically introduced into your interior, and it will also eloquently “speak” about the mysterious Venice.