House design

Interior and design of a small apartment

Every person, and even more so the owner of the apartment, always wants to see his abode equipped with taste, in a seasoned style and with the right zoning. Therefore, for
owners of small-sized and one-room apartments, the arrangement and design of their living space has always been and remains an urgent issue. In this regard, there are many practical tips and tricks that can be useful to improve your design and interior.

Experience shows that the quality of housing cannot depend on its quantity in any way. And the point here is not at all in the number of meters, but in how you organize its space. Warmth, comfort and coziness can be created on a small area reserved for you. Making your home fashionable and beautiful at the same time is easy and at the same time difficult. Today, many solutions are offered to create a modern interior. This gives apartment owners and designers a lot of options. But on the other hand, today fashion is changing and developing so quickly that it is not so easy to take the best option.

Let’s try to offer you some practical tips:

The first tip: Get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary things.

If you have a studio apartment and you want space, fold the decor. Velvet, carpets with pheasants and all sorts of little things and candelabra are contraindicated to you, refer to the functionality.
Japanese traditional interior will bring you inspiration.
Lack of space is a matter of abundance of things. Conduct a timely revision of your goodness and ruthlessly part with those things that for some reason you do not use in your daily life. Even on the smallest quadrature, you can find a place to create a dressing room. Use the corner, draping it, and hide all unnecessary and ugly, in your opinion, things. Leave only what you like, and the rest of the space should be clean.

The second tip: Do not load an already small apartment with large objects.

A bright poster, or a beautiful large chandelier, can distract from the small dimensions of the room, and attract attention to yourself. The presence of large things in the room is allowed, but does not tolerate when they will have rivals. You always need to have a sense of proportion.

The third tip: The functional load of the room.

We have always been accustomed to believe that the largest room in an apartment should be a living room, and let the owners huddle in a tiny room. And you do the opposite: a small one for the living room, and a large one for yourself, placing there at the same time, both a bedroom and a dressing room, and even an office.

Fourth tip: The storage system should be optimized.

A dressing room is needed, and it needs to be equipped, even in a small apartment. Yes, the useful living space will decrease, but you will get rid of all the cabinets, and there will certainly be order. It is not necessary to mean a wardrobe by a dressing room, it can also be shelving. Create more closets, storerooms, utility rooms – this is your salvation. It is better to put everything you don’t need in the pantry than to turn the room into a pantry. The French create a lot of small rooms for the feeling of a huge house. There is no need to overstock with cabinet cabinets. By purchasing a chest of drawers, you use the space more practically. Shallow dressers, can be used 100%, and cabinets only 50%.

The fifth tip: Reserves of space – it is necessary to master!

It is necessary to use the space both horizontally and vertically, creating additional levels. In the hallway or narrow corridor, install shelves, like mezzanines. They will not affect the perception of space in any way. You can place books on them, some things that you don’t need at this time. If your corners are empty, this is unacceptable. Take a closer look at them, and you will surely fill them with something. By what?.. For this purpose, corner furniture is produced. Secondly, equip a pantry in the corner, and thirdly, if space allows, put a chest of drawers or a sofa diagonally, equipping your own hiding place behind them.
See if the height allows, arrange a mezzanine, they will take over the functions of a separate bedroom. Feel free to create something comfortable and useful, podiums under which you can push the beds. Fantasize and you will definitely succeed.

Sixth tip: Visually expand the space.

There are techniques in design that visually expand the space. The use of floor coverings with the same color of walls and wallpaper in other rooms, that is, combining the space with color, style and texture.
Mirrors always give a win-win color. If you have a small room, it is not necessary to paint it beige. Use bold colors, even dark ones. Dark colors narrow the space, but they have their own advantage, as a result, your room does not lose in depth, but wins. Lighting plays an important role in a small apartment. Do not use a ceiling chandelier, but local lighting, it will create an intimate atmosphere and comfort.

Local light, among other things, will help you brighten up those corners that will seem unfinished. If you really want overhead lights, use flat ones that will be located close to the ceiling. The house is a three–dimensional space, it has not only an area, but also a volume. The height of the ceiling affects the size of the apartment, because a low room will never seem spacious to you. Many master designers advise to make the ceiling lighter than the walls themselves, they cannot be the same color. If your ceiling is darker than the walls, this makes it low, but on the other hand it acquires something new, unique, relaxing. We are used to the fact that there should always be curtains on the windows, and are you firmly convinced of this? If your windows look at the park or the panorama of the old city opens, it may be worth removing the curtains altogether. From this, the room will become bright, spacious and the interior outside the window will continue your space. Roll-shields will help you hide from the sun.

Seventh tip: Saving the interior in a small apartment.

The usable area in a small apartment can be won if you give up some items. You need to think carefully about what is important to you. If it makes sense for you to have a stove with an oven, if you don’t use it, or maybe it makes sense to connect the stove with a dishwasher?.. If you are not a fan of lying in the bathroom, install a shower stall for yourself, the effect is decent.
For young people, it is quite possible not to start a bulky bed, and calm down with a futon mattress.

Eighth tip: Use small-sized and folding furniture.

Now many owners use built-in wardrobes so that they do not bother their eyes. By painting small cabinets in the color of the walls, we make them invisible. In our case, mobile furniture or transformable, which performs several useful functions, is most suitable, go to a furniture store where you can buy folding tables.

Ninth tip: Two rooms are better than one.

If your apartment is two-room, do not try to combine them. Two is still better than one.
Some fans of spaciousness think that two rooms will make one, but a big one. It’s neither. Instead of two spaces, one will remain and there will be no comfort in it. In life, anything can happen: today you create a “space full of light and air”, and tomorrow you have to make partitions or divide it with screens. Life is a complicated thing, today you are alone and you have a lot of two rooms, and tomorrow you have an ideal family. Only you can know what you want and what design your apartment should have.

Maybe you dream of a large and bright space where you would feel free and calm. Or you imagine your monastery as a family heirloom and keeper of family mysteries. If you are a creative person, you can turn her studio into an individual creation. There are no ready-made recipes. The most important advice, advice from professionals – cherish and love your apartment. Your life is there. And let it be small, but your room will always be beautiful and cozy, where you will always be comfortable and pleasant.