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Choosing a color for the kitchen

The dominant role in creating a favorable microclimate in the kitchen is played by the color of the walls and kitchen furniture, as they, in turn, are an integral part of the interior of the kitchen space.
In this article we will tell you how to correctly combine the color of furniture and walls in the kitchen and which shades are more suitable for this room.

Color can create the illusion of narrowing or expanding the space, so when choosing shades, it is worth taking into account the area of the kitchen. As you know, dark tones make the room smaller, so it is not recommended to use them in small spaces.

Light colors visually make the room bigger. In a small kitchen, intense and bright colors will be tiring. The most appropriate will be gentle, light shades. For large rooms, cold tones are undesirable, they will make the kitchen empty and faceless, completely destroying the feeling of coziness and comfort.

When choosing a color for the kitchen, you should pay attention to the following points:
The color of the kitchen walls, kitchen furniture, kitchen facades, flooring and work surfaces.
If you like red shades, it is not superfluous to remind you that such a kitchen will most likely be annoying and if at first this color seems quite original and encouraging, then after a few weeks it may get boring and repel you.
At the same time, the red color has a strong energy and is able to increase vitality.
In this context, the most acceptable option would be to use non–aggressive red tones – cherry, tomato or coral colors. Red color is perfectly combined with white, with metal and glass.
Blue color scheme kitchen – calms, reduces appetite. However, there will be no comfort in the kitchen of blue or blue colors, especially if it is the north side. Blue tones look best in sunny rooms.

Pale blue shades are well suited for the kitchen. The dark blue gamma has powerful energy and at the same time rejuvenating tranquility. Blue colors are perfectly combined with orange, yellow and coral colors.
Green kitchen – uplifting. In this case, warm green shades are best suited. But, for melancholics, it is best to prefer more cheerful and cheerful colors to green cuisine, for example yellow. Yellow walls, combined with a green kitchen facade, create an atmosphere of cheerfulness. The green-blue combination is more strict. The most popular are German salad and pistachio-colored cuisines.
Purple color has a pronounced soothing effect, perfectly combined with ochre and olive tones.
Yellow kitchen. Yellow or peach color is not recommended for poorly lit rooms, where their color will not play any role, look dull. White, blue, silver metallic colors are successfully combined with peach color.
White color is universal, it is used in classic kitchens and in high–tech style kitchens.