House design

Eclecticism in the interior

It is quite difficult to strictly adhere to a single style for someone who creates an interior with his own hands and is guided solely by his sense of proportion and taste. Not everyone, for example, will raise their hand to a family heirloom, lovingly passed down from generation to generation, but it seems impossible to link some old painting or vase with idealistic high-tech. At first sight.

Stylistic symbiosis

After all, eclecticism is popular today – a kind of harmonious symbiosis of a variety of styles, at the same time united by the idea of convenience and comfort. This style is not new, and it originated once at the intersection of trade routes and where different nations have been spontaneously flocking for a long time. For example, in America and Morocco.

But the American style is a whole story created at one time by enterprising emigrants from all over the world. The American-style apartment is always free, comfortable and has successfully combining work, recreation and reception areas. Similarly, the Moroccan style is mixed up with European and Oriental details: just all sorts of curls on furniture and forged elements, camel leather and the finest wood carvings, oriental carpets and colorful pillows and even mosaic tiles.

Harmony of preferences

Such is life that it is characteristic of a person throughout his life to acquire a large number of things that do not fit well in style. But fashionable eclecticism happily justifies the passion for shopping, eclecticism perfectly combines souvenirs brought from trips and Italian bedroom furniture. Such an interior seems to be woven from ancient and modern details with spectacular inclusions of exotic and light ethnics.

On the other hand, it also happens that three or even four generations of people live under one roof at once, naturally, with their own preferences. It is the eclectic style that will not allow the household to quarrel, balancing patriarchal details with trendy things. And surprisingly, everything will look as if the old building has gradually become overgrown with fashionable attributes of modernity. But at the same time, the space does not have the right to look cluttered, because modernity dictates the conciseness of the interior and spaciousness.

From different eras

When mixing heterogeneous objects in one interior, the main connecting element must necessarily be: colors, decorative elements or architectural solutions.

Eclecticism in the interior can be in the form of a symbiosis of styles quite similar in spirit, like Empire and classicism, or border on kitsch, when the main elements are opposed to each other. And such unexpected mixtures of completely different eras manage to exist in amazing harmony and create a completely unique interior. In this way, the most incompatible things get along, even black carved African furniture and portraits of great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

And modern furniture and stylish unusual sconces will perfectly harmonize with a rare fireplace and even an English porcelain set. The main thing is that such an interior is liked by all the household and is suitable from a functional point of view.