Mediterranean style bathroom design

Mediterranean style bathroom design

The Mediterranean style is greatly influenced by the design used in the countries lying on the Mediterranean coast. The Mediterranean decor emphasizes simple luxury and is ideal for bathroom decoration. This style of interior is characterized by clear lines, bold colors, comfortable, and at the same time elegant accessories and fixtures that create an expensive resort atmosphere in any bathroom.

Tiles and mosaics.

Tiles and mosaics are integral elements of the Mediterranean bathroom design. Not one bathroom can do without any tile decorations. It can be a floor covered with terracotta tiles or a wall panel decorated with handmade mosaics. In some Mediterranean baths, artists create an unusual mosaic of individual tiles on the walls and floor. Tiles are also used to cover countertops and as small accents on the dressing table lid.

Color palette.

The Mediterranean design is distinguished by the use of bright, sun-drenched colors. Shades of sky blue often recreate images of sunny Greek islands, while warm orange, red and yellow colors conjure up the Italian coast. In the Mediterranean style, white is also popular. To give the walls texture, use the glazing technique.


Elements of ceramics and wrought iron can also be seen in the Mediterranean design. You can use decorative towel racks made of wrought iron or furniture with metal accents in the interior. Add clay accessories such as glazed ceramic soap dishes and vases to the interior. In some stores selling household goods, you can find bathroom accessories decorated with mosaics, which will only complement the Mediterranean decor.


The Mediterranean style is characterized by the use of curves and arcs. If there is no cooking in your house yet, add arched windows or an arch-shaped niche to the bathroom. If you are not in the mood for repairs, you can add these figures to the overall decor with accessories. Pick up elegant arch-shaped or round mirrors and hang them over the sink or dressing table. Use curved floor lamps, wrought iron wall sconces and other lighting details using these shapes.

Roman bath.

Sometimes, to create a modern design of a Mediterranean bathroom, you should borrow some details from ancient traditions. A Roman-style bathtub can create a calm atmosphere in any interior where you can relax and enjoy solitude. Roman baths differ from traditional Western baths in that they are much deeper, wider and longer, which creates ease of use, faucets and fittings are better used by hansgrohe. Such faucets are most suitable for the Mediterranean style.

Windows with frosted glass.

The design of a Mediterranean bathroom is difficult to imagine without glazed windows. If you use stained glass or other types of tinted glass, you can create a festive mood in your bathroom. Sunlight will seep through the windows and illuminate the white and blue tiles. You can install artificial lighting in niches and on the ceiling to create this kind of design at night. With the right lighting, the bathroom will look calm and cozy.

Adding a fountain.

With the help of color, texture and lighting, you can create a mood in the room. You also have the right to add a fountain with moving water from one part of the bathroom to another to the interior. This musical stream will calm you down. Even if you have a functional shower cabin or a traditional bathroom, the sounds of a flowing decorative fountain built into a wall niche will take you to another place and time.