House design

How to create your own interior style

To build a house completely does not solve all the problems associated with the coziness and comfort of this room. It would seem that there is nothing easier than to come up with and create your own interior. But it was not there! Of course, if you built a house only for yourself, there will be no special problems. But in most cases, a large house is built for a large family, respectively, each family member will have his own idea and thoughts about the future interior.

And here disputes and conflicts are not excluded. For example, do you want to decorate the living room in bright green or the kitchen in coral color? Absolutely different ideas may come to mind, but they will not be ideal and it is the style that suits only you. The question arises: how to find what exactly is yours? How to create your own style?

There is a very interesting way. Imagine that you are a sponge, the most ordinary and capable of absorbing everything it touches. And in your case, it will be everything he sees. And it will make absolutely no difference whether these things are combined.

It is worth noting that modern designs are not rich in special novelties. As a rule, it’s all well-forgotten old. Today, many styles are just a combination of various old trends and it is possible to improve them due to new technologies. But, in no case should you just take someone else’s ideas and implement them at home. It will not only be unoriginal, but it may not suit your style. You definitely need something of your own. It is necessary to find a compromise that will please you. Inspiration can come at any time, no matter where you are: in a museum, in a store or just in nature. Various memories and associations will also help, for example, from some celebration or holiday. Remember what the color and sound range was there. What exactly did you remember about this event? How can the elements of the holiday be embodied in the interior of the house?

The best way is to have a special notebook or magazine in which all your thoughts and ideas will be recorded, this will help not to lose them over time. Moreover, you can paste various pictures and clippings from magazines and newspapers there. Collect any photos, postcards of various places and buildings, as well as furniture and nature. Perhaps they will inspire you to new ideas. It will be most convenient if you always carry a small notebook with you for your notes and a sketch. The secret, basically, lies in the proportion of one element relative to another. Creating your own photos and a sketch will help you transfer your idea first to the layout, and the idea is already in the house. It is not surprising that the ancient Greeks were excellent masters of geometry and used it everywhere, in particular in architecture. Make sense of what exactly hooked you in this or that room. What proportions were there, symmetry or asymmetry there? Are there any separate decorative elements? Having received answers to all these questions, you will be ready to create your own and unique style.

The next step to the realization of your ideas will be the choice of all the necessary materials, colors, decorative elements and, of course, furniture. Let’s assume that you found inspiration on the coast of France. After a rest, you have a lot of pictures of beautiful beaches with reflections of the sea, cute colored houses and cottages located all over the Cote d’Azur. Restore that atmosphere and atmosphere in the interior of your home, using a sand-colored sofa and armchairs, the walls can be painted in cream shades. It will be great if the rays of the sun will get inside the room and make it bright and bright. Buy some elements of the decor in the color of the sea wave, they will be perfectly combined with everything else. But they must necessarily be natural, for example, made of wood, stone, shells and flowers. And as a result of your efforts, there will always be an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in your home.