Feng Shui and apartment layout

Feng Shui and apartment layout

According to feng shui, the well-being and success in many areas of life, as well as the health and good mood of your loved ones, depend on how your home is equipped.

Since we are engaged in different types of activities in each room: sleeping, cooking, receiving guests, the apartment space should be clearly demarcated and organized. Therefore, studio apartments that have been popular recently, in which there is no layout, are unfavorable, because they bring vanity and confusion into a person’s life.

The hallway is a very important place

The apartment should be allocated an entrance hall. It “defends” the energy that enters the house from the outside. In addition, the hallway is a kind of “business card” of the apartment and its inhabitants. Therefore, it should look cozy and neat – avoid blockages of shoes and clothes.

If your hallway is spacious, you should not clutter it with cabinets, it is better to place a table with a phone and an armchair in it, as well as reproductions of paintings, photographs, vases, various souvenirs brought from travel.

A small hallway can be visually enlarged with the help of good lighting and mirrors.

However, make sure that the mirror is not located opposite the front door — in this case, the energy entering the house is reflected in the mirror and leaves it.

Where is it better to rest

When planning an apartment, the basic rule is this: it is best to place rest rooms away from the front door, in the far part of the house. This applies to the bedroom of parents and other family members and contributes to a good rest, a sense of comfort and security.

The main rooms in the house

The central part of the apartment is the most favorable place at home.

It is recommended to have rooms where all family members gather, a living room, a kitchen or rooms that are used by everyone in your family. Such an arrangement will promote unity and cohesion.

Keep in mind: which room you get into directly from the hallway is the ideal place for a living room. It’s good if it’s a spacious enough room. Feng shui recommends arranging the furniture in the living room so that the whole family can fit in it, then everyone will communicate with each other enough.

It is unfavorable if you get directly from the hallway to the kitchen. In this case, the interests of family members will constantly switch to food with all the ensuing consequences.

Be afraid of long corridors

Unfavorable in the apartment, from the point of view of feng Shui, are considered long corridors. If the corridor is empty, then the energy flows through it too fast. Make such a corridor light and arrange paintings, floor vases or something that attracts attention. If the doors of the rooms are arranged in a row, then a person faces difficulty in which room to enter.

In this case, Feng Shui recommends decorating each door a little. Especially draw attention to the door where it is preferable for guests to enter. Of course, it is important to observe a sense of proportion and taste.

The basic rules of harmonization of the space of the house:

It is necessary to identify unfavorable places if there are ceiling beams or protrusions of walls in the house or apartment, They, as well as sharp corners of furniture, create “poisoned energy arrows” directed into the room.

The basic rule here is this: do not place sleeping places, resting places, a dining table under ceiling beams or opposite sharp corners, do not also put desks or a computer.

As little time as possible should be spent there.

To block the negative energy of the projections, disguise them, you can use wind music that dissipates negative energy, a decorative screen, climbing plants, suspended crystals.

Another rule of harmonious space reads as follows: lying on the bed, relaxing in the living room or working at the computer, try to plan the situation so that you do not have to be with your back to the door. This brings a sense of insecurity, subconsciously contributes to stress.

If this is still the case, you will need to create a rear rear using small furniture, bookcases or large plants.

Another equally important point, according to feng shui, the apartment should not be overloaded with furniture and things. This contributes to fatigue and apathy, brings the energy of stagnation to life. Try to keep the space of your home clean and well renovated. By creating harmony at home, you will bring positive energy into all areas of your life.

Feng Shui and apartment layout

Feng Shui and apartment layout