Frescoes: frozen beauty

Interior with soul

A glass living room with an area of 50 square meters and 6 meters in height. Such a space is really impressive!

It is difficult to dream of a place that is more conducive to a good rest. Juicy greenery grows almost throughout the entire area of the plot, a forest grows behind the fence, perfectly visible from the living room, through the glass wall.

Through the large windows, a large amount of natural light flows into the room, which illuminates the interior of a simple living room.

The bedroom is dominated by bright saturated colors, orange, yellow and red.

A comfortable bathroom with a large window through which you can see the magnificent forest. On both sides of the mirror, equipped with “theatrical” lighting.

Spacious living room, decorated in natural colors. A simple wooden staircase leading to the mezzanine is almost invisible on the brick wall. Black and white photos show various bridges, the owner of the house is fond of such structures.

On the kitchen floor there is a terracotta coating in the color of coffee with milk, corresponding to the color of the countertop. The most interesting accent of the interior is the decorative strip above the windows.

Interior with soul

The white walls are a wonderful backdrop for the Nepali mandala, as well as masks brought from Africa.

The table is a reminder of the previous tenants and temporarily stands in the kitchen, and the red cloth covers its shortcomings. Kitchen cabinets are made of beech wood, and chairs with painted lattices are made of forged metal. The doors lead to the garden.

Stairs lead to the bathroom, an additional attractive element of the interior.

An iron bed with a headboard and chairs. The role of the table is ideally performed by a wide wooden window sill.

Fixed ones are fixed under it, located in niches cut into the wall.

Ceramic interior design

The idea for the wall. The entire wall in the bedroom is occupied by a composition of ceramic tiles, with a motif of rings. Designed in two contrasting colors, it dominates the entire interior design. Other elements of the bedroom interior correspond to the color of the tile, the painted floor is made of pine boards, and the few furniture, a wicker chair and a mattress acting as a bed are covered with fabric.

Ceramics reign in every corner of the house.

Ceramic decorations on the walls, colorful dishes and even some furniture. The original seats were conceived as garden furniture. Contrary to the first impression, it is very comfortable.

The owner of the house, who loves everything made of clay, installed an old kitchen stove in the corner. Hand-painted tiles were, were produced more than 100 years ago.

Frescoes: frozen beauty

Frescoes: frozen beauty