Choosing furniture for a small kitchen

Choosing furniture for a small kitchen

Manufacturers of kitchen furniture offer their customers a wide selection of products with a variety of styles, designs, textures and materials. Everyone can choose for themselves!

We choose a profitable, reliable and multifunctional option. Getting to know the hidden dangers.

What kind of kitchen will the hostess like?

Comfortable and elegant. A kitchen that can be placed even in a small-sized room. At the same time, you will need to think carefully and calculate everything from every centimeter to the selection and arrangement of furniture.

Choose good furniture for the kitchen without compromising amenities. At the same time, any taste preferences and stylistic desires can be taken into account. On the contrary, it’s even better that the kitchen is small and compact, because now everything you need will always be at hand.

Individual order or ready-made design?

Having decided on the arrangement and configuration of furniture, already at the repair stage it is worth choosing: buy a ready-made kitchen set or order furniture according to individual design.

It is necessary to treat the purchase of finished furniture very demanding, given the fact that the size, appearance, materials and structure were previously thought out by the designer and manufactured by the manufacturer. It will be impossible to change anything. When customizing new furniture for your kitchen, it is important to remember that each room has an individual location of gas, water and ventilation ducts, and the kit you choose may not fully meet all requirements and may not fit a specific room.

Therefore, more often kitchen furniture is ordered in an individual design with special dimensions and parameters. Be prepared for the fact that the production of a new kit will take a month, or even more time. Therefore, a rational solution would be to order a new headset in the salon before the repair work is completed.

“Taboo” ready-made options

Don’t believe the words, check everything yourself. The sales consultant of the store where you plan to purchase kitchen furniture is not responsible for the fact that the kitchen set, for some reason, did not fit into the interior or the area of your small kitchen. Or, for example, that it is absolutely not convenient for you to use this furniture. Remember, no one besides you knows how many and what shelves, drawers, cabinets and cabinets you need. Ask the seller to place everything you need in the quantity and order that suits your requirements directly.

Rational use of space

There is no reason to abandon modern technologies and design solutions – a small kitchen area. Use the innovations of the market. Ask the seller to show you all the possibilities of sliding sections of cabinets, corner mechanisms, carousels, boxes. Simply put, show the entire range of options that rationally organize every inch in your kitchen.

Does size matter?

Independently performing measurements of the future kitchen set, it is important to take into account that all the furniture folded has a deviation from the set length, plus or minus 1 centimeter. If one of the parts does not fit after assembly, it will not be possible to return it back to the store, but when the shift is detected before assembly, then you are obliged to replace the inappropriate module.

Constructor for children, or how to assemble a kitchen on your own

Do you have at least basic skills with the tool and can read the instructions? Then it will not be difficult to fold a set for a small kitchen. For each separate part of the headset, the kit includes fasteners (nails, screws, dowels).

All designs, the height of the scabbard or canopies are adjustable. Some companies present already glued and assembled lockers that you only need to hang on the wall. And cover the bottom with a tabletop. The last part of the task is the most responsible and difficult. After all, one wrong movement with a drill and the countertop is ruined.

The task is performed by professionals

Veiled margins. Salons always offer their customers furniture collection services, while counting a small % from the cost of furniture. However, be vigilant, read the contract, and make sure that the connection of household appliances is included in the price. Because usually furniture salons prescribe “free” services only for sawing holes in the countertop to the hob, and for the services of connecting to the oven, they will charge you extra over the price list.

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