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Modern trends in office interior design

The attention of interior designers is attracted not only by the design of private personal space, considerable interest is shown in the field of office space arrangement. This is due to the fact that the office is a business card of an enterprise or company, being its “face”. Office design plays a significant role in employee productivity. So, let’s take a closer look at the current trends of the business interior.

The level of professionalism of designers is measured not only in the competent arrangement of office furniture, the choice of color solutions or the placement of equipment in the room. First of all, it provides for the creation of the most comfortable place of work, the effective use of every centimeter of free space, the organization of a proper atmosphere in the workplace. And here the smallest details are taken into account.

The most popular trends in office design are considered to be two leading trends: European and American. The distinctive features of the American direction can be called the concept of open space, which, in general, translates as “open space”. The idea involves emphasizing the purity of style, deliberate aggressiveness or dynamism of the design.

The European direction also provides for the use of the maximum free space, only, unlike the previous trend, the mixing of design styles is not a deviation.

In both directions, the starting materials for interior decoration are glass, metal and plastic. And yet glass is more preferable, in comparison with other materials, because it opens up endless possibilities for experiments.

Glass is a wonderful material capable of transmitting light. Its use in the office interior has been repeatedly tested temporarily. What qualities of glass are particularly attractive?

Transparent and translucent glass partitions have long been used as boundaries between work areas and sectors. Transparent or translucent, they play the role of decor and function as a wall or boundary line between different areas of the office.

Glass is also used as walls and partitions, its particular popularity, at one time, was a coup that changed the usual approach to planning office space. So, two leading directions, European and American, merged together.

First of all, glass partitions do not violate trends and principles regarding the freedom of open space. Conventional walls do not prevent the penetration of light, do not weigh down the room. Moreover, each employee has his own personal comfort territory, which creates a sense of security.

To date, there is a large assortment of different types of glass. Among this variety, you can choose what seems best for this or that occasion. You can choose mobile and stationary partitions, sliding and folding, swing and blind. At the request of the customer, the glass for partitions can be frosted (partially or completely), transparent or tinted, as well as decorated with any pattern.

It should be noted that the final result depends on which type of glass will be preferred. Depending on the quality characteristics of the source material, the office design will look aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Glass partitions will create the right atmosphere, will be a good solution for the design of an office interior. In such a room, everyone will feel comfortable.