House design

“Japanese Studio”. Design of a three-room apartment.

The owners of the apartment were definitely sure that it should be a Japanese—style studio. The Japanese interior cannot be broken with the philosophy of Feng Shui.

The main “node” that “unleashed” the redevelopment was a cylindrical hallway. We have solved several problems. Firstly, the cylinder divided the dwelling into public and private zones. Secondly, while remaining passable, the “corridor” was filled with a specific function. If necessary, you can “fix” the hallway area by replacing one of the mirrors with a radius wardrobe, and close the shelves with beige facades to preserve the style.  Modern interior, stylized as Japanese audio.

The type of construction of an open space — studio dwelling is the most rational in terms of functionality and saving time in using the interior: eating, socializing, read—TV- music has approximately the same level of activity. The symbols of wisdom and emotional health in the East are a sign of balance – YIN and YANG, which raises the energy of the corresponding area of life. On the floor, this symbol is made of tiles of two colors. As a reflection – a ceiling sign — it is also a lamp at the same time.