House design

“Fluffy.” Design of a three-room apartment.

Create a studio, a nursery, a bedroom. The interior is in black and white. The most difficult thing was to make a nursery in black and white for a child who has not yet been born. All partitions are removed. The studio is designed, the loggia is attached to the residential part — a dining area is arranged in it. The bathroom has been enlarged due to part of the corridor. In the hall there is a large dressing room necessary for the whole family.

Minimalism with smooth shapes. Glass doors, black floor, white matte walls with velvety texture. In the idea of black and white, form and light reign in the whole gamut and shades. It is they who set the texture and movement of the entire space. At the same time, soft, lively, breathable, enveloping and transparent at the same time — create the necessary comfort and warmth for life.

Unique lighting – the fashionable and popular LED cable today effectively emphasizes the smoothness of lines, creates a sense of unreality, and the black and white gamma is decomposed into the entire spectrum of life emotions. In the nursery there is a light green backlight.