House design

“Exotic bouquet”. The design of a duplex apartment.

On the first level, create a public area, a studio, an office, a winter garden with galleries of exotic flowers. On the second floor there is a private area: two bedrooms and a bathroom.

We removed all the partitions and planned a completely new space. The first level is a public area. The open welcoming studio is based on the idea of a circle — a semicircular partition, a round column, a dining set, furniture with soft oval shapes. The idea of the circle is repeated in the bedroom.

The concept of the interior is the freshness of intoxicating flowers. The flowers are strung on a fantastic stem – a glass staircase with forging. The first level is solved in the palette of rose petals. The glass table on a twisted leg is completed with a bouquet of loving forget-me-nots. The painting on the wall is poetic

a girl with a sad look. The soft zone around the column is Lake Chad, where a giraffe wanders around “exquisitely”. The second level is in the rays of the sun.

The effect of the exotic madness of colors is achieved by hidden illumination and an abundance of beads, “which only the moon will dare to equal, splitting and swinging on the moisture of wide lakes.”