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Scandinavian design of a country cottage

The design of a country cottage in the Scandinavian style implies one or two-storey buildings, the exterior decoration and shape of which emphasizes the conciseness and rigor of structures characteristic of residential structures located in the northern regions of Western Europe.

Previously, country houses of Scandinavian design were made of timber, which was covered with a moisture-resistant varnish to prevent rotting. Now the exterior color solution of the cottage walls allows the use of paints of warm tones, red, white or beige shades.

Window openings in Scandinavian-style cottages have a huge area of glazing, panoramic windows are often used. Window frames in most cases are wooden, massive, double-leafed.

A characteristic feature of the Scandinavian style is the absence of the aboveground part of the basement and the foundation. The roof is single–pitched or flat, with a small slope – the latter may be decorated with an unnatural or natural grass covering.

The single-pitched roof is made of iron profiled pages painted in red-brown tones, which avoids cleaning the roof, since its angle of inclination contributes to the spontaneous slipping of snow.