design project

A design project is the subtle art of a unique transformation of space

A design project is a special art of a unique transformation of space, created with the help of proper planning and design. The design of any interior is based on the redevelopment of the room in such a way that it not only corresponds to fashion trends, but also allows you to feel cozy and comfortable in this space.

The repair of a house, office, apartment or other room is associated with a competent arrangement of furniture, as well as the right choice of color and wall structure. Especially important is the consistency of the designer’s ideological decisions with the preferences and wishes of the customer.

Interior design is a fairly young industry in our country, which is designed to solve such tasks as the formation of the style of an apartment, house or office, a selection of colors, decor elements, materials, modern household appliances, comfortable furniture and more. Interior design opens up endless possibilities for us to create a completely unique style. Finishing a house or apartment, high-quality repairs allow us to combine the layout, accessories, furniture, color, which create an unusual and comfortable atmosphere in the house.

The first step in developing a design project is to analyze the space. It is necessary to find out the dimensions, design, layout, illumination, sound insulation, functional areas, advantages and disadvantages of the room. Creating an individual and original interior of a house or apartment is possible only by a professional designer with a high level of experience in this business. Most often, in order to save money, people turn to non-professionals, which leads to the fact that after the repair is completed, customers have to spend money again, correcting errors and shortcomings.

A particularly important element of any room is its space. It is necessary to clearly, competently and organically combine the ratio of empty spaces of the room and places occupied by furniture and decorative elements, for example, cabinets with mirrored sliding doors are used to increase space. The created interior depends on the variety of existing combinations and forms. Basically, the interior of the room is based on a rectangle or square. But rhombuses, triangles, circles, ovals and other curved shapes give the interior design dynamism and variety.

The interior design can be completely changed from a simple decor to a more complex design. However, the development of the simplest design project requires some time, as well as good taste. Repairs of premises are different in terms of complexity. Specialists distinguish the main types of repairs of premises: cosmetic repairs, major repairs, renovation, etc. The simplest and most inexpensive way to finish a house or apartment is cosmetic repairs.

In the process of such repairs, you can improve the appearance of any room in a short time, and at the same time spend a small amount. During the overhaul, high-quality finishing is carried out using modern materials and technologies. Renovation is a high–tech finishing of the premises according to the requirements of European standards, using new modern finishing materials and modernized technologies.

When developing interior design, the main directions of the lines are used – these are vertical, horizontal and diagonal. The interior takes into account the structural lines of furniture, finishing materials, which are combined in accordance with the location of all decorative items.

Texture also plays an important role in the development of a design project. In the process of work, the existing textures in the room are necessarily taken into account in order to avoid excessive “overload” of the object’s surface.

Also, the main element of creating an interior is a selection of color solutions. The color determines the overall atmosphere of the room, affects the perception of this interior. For example, when choosing a color in the bedroom, you should rely on lighter tones: light blue, beige, etc.

The illumination of the room is also an important feature when designing the interior of the room. After all, the light in the room performs not only a functional purpose, but also an aesthetic role in the interior.

Competent, correct design and repair of a house or apartment are a combination of all these factors. An absolutely, qualitatively and correctly designed design project is possible only when all the wishes of the client and the features of the room that needs to be transformed are taken into account during its development. The interior design of the room is developed and selected in accordance with this factor, while specialists listen to the preferences and suggestions of the customer, since the result should satisfy both sides.