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How to choose a plastic window

With the onset of heat, you decided to upgrade your old windows to new plastic ones. But how to make the right informed choice with such a huge variety of products on the market? Before contacting a particular manufacturing company and making an order, you should have an idea about the basic components of any plastic window. So, this article will just help you with this.

The plastic window consists of the following main parts: profile, double-glazed window and accessories. Next, let’s look at each element in more detail:
– Profile is the main part of the plastic window. Pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made. The profile differs in the number of cameras (not to be confused with cameras in a double-glazed window). The heat and noise insulation of your room depends on the number of cameras. There is an opinion that the German profile is the best, Rehau windows are made from such a profile. This may be true, but many firms are trying to pass off Turkish or domestic products as German production. Be vigilant.
– Double-glazed windows. This element also has cameras. But in this case, cameras are considered to be the space between the glasses. It can be filled with an inert gas (krypton, argon), air, or, conversely, be vacuum. When choosing a double-glazed window, it is necessary to take into account the location of the house (near the highway, tram tracks, on the outskirts) and the climate of your country.

Today you will be greeted by a huge assortment of glasses on the market:
– Shockproof;
– Sunscreens;
– Triplex;
– Fire fighting, etc.
– Accessories. This element of the plastic window is responsible for the convenience of its operation. This can include handles, latches, bolts and much more. It’s definitely not worth saving on accessories. It is recommended to purchase adjustable accessories.
I hope that now you will definitely be able to choose a high-quality plastic window that is optimally suitable for your home.

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