How to design the bathroom interior? 6 hot trends.

Are you going to renovate the bathroom? So that the interior is on trend? 6 hot new products have arrived directly from Western designers especially for you.

Shower cabin: give space!

Leading Western designer Kermit Baker begs you to make the bathroom interior spacious.

The shower cabin should be without a “threshold” and without a “roof”, equipped with a maximum of technical “gadgets”.

Western designers shout a decisive “NO!” to baths for at least 3 reasons:

  • Water consumption increases;
  • People don’t have time for “bathroom tenderness” for an hour or two;
  • Baths increase the cost of repairing the room.

And what do you choose for your premises?

Careful, greens!

How? Plants in the bathroom? The very thought makes the hair on your head move. But McClelland, one of the most famous Western designers, is sure that the time has come to return natural greenery to the “stone jungle”.

Huge green vines on the whole wall or delicate lilies in pots? Only you can choose.

Not every plant will “take root” in the dark and humid conditions of the bathroom. But cacti and “donkey ears” will be quite comfortable.

Precise tile geometry

Jasmine McClelland embodied the perfect geometry of the tile in several design projects in 2014. She is confident that in 2015 the trend of “smooth geometry” will continue. Tiles are necessary for those who want to add visual depth and saturation to the interior. And for fans of “naturalness” designers have prepared an interesting moment

More than 50 shades of grey

In 2014, gray color got on fashion pedestals. In 2015, he will remain in high esteem. Are you afraid that gray will make the room dull and lifeless? Add some nice lighting and add a pinch of white.

Lighting: ingenious solutions

Designers repeat once again: in 2015, lighting is designed to make a pleasant emphasis on the right things. Technology is added to the trend: sensors themselves determine when to turn on, and when it’s time to “hang up”. With them, you don’t have to worry: “Did I turn off the light?”.

Smart water control: saving without basins

Forget about dripping taps, leaky faucets and constant water consumption! The trend of “saving at the maximum” is rushing towards us from the west. Therefore, give preference to high-tech plumbing, which itself will control the flow of water.

Your bathroom is the territory of your taste. Despite the fashion trends, stay yourself.