House design

Foam decor for the interior

Thanks to the quality and fast curly cutting of foam, it has become an integral part of the foam decor for the interior and is often used to create a unique image. All kinds of bends, interesting and difficult lines to perform.

Foam decorative elements have a small weight, but this does not affect their strength, they are quite strong. Due to this, the installation of foam parts is simple and does not entail great difficulties. They withstand external influences, and they will serve you for a long time. Thanks to the smooth surface, you can apply paint of any color shade on them, giving even more originality. They are safe for humans and are used for everyday use.

For example, facade decoration made of foam will create the impression of real architectural products made of stone, concrete. They actually do not differ in appearance from their stone counterparts, but due to their ease and quick installation, long service and lack of pressure on the facade, reasonable prices, they are still the optimal solution.

 For what other purposes can foam be used in the decor?

Decorated foam balls will be a good choice for the interior. Using a simple construction foam is also possible in their manufacture, but it is almost all sheet and many do not know how to make a ball out of it.

Due to its soft structure, but at the same time suitable for virtually any processing, it can be easily cut and shaped into any shape. Density and lightness, its big advantages. It is both lightweight and resistant to damage. This allows you to decorate it in many different ways and transport it effortlessly. Due to the fact that it is completely white, it is suitable for painting, or creating a drawing on it.

Foam balls can be used to create various floral elements. They will look original and unusual in your interior and will come off as a gift.

A good option would be to use it in a New Year’s theme. They can be used to make a snowman and decorations for the Christmas tree. And you will not be afraid about their safety, because they simply will not be able to crash, they will serve you for a long life.

A good area of application will be wedding decor. Balls mixed with flowers, sprinkled with sequins will give a greater sense of celebration at any celebration. And what is very important, they will not hit your finances. Also use them to give a romantic atmosphere, they will create a favorable environment.

Fans of feng shui can also use these balls. Create trees of happiness from them by pinning a ball on a wire and bury it in a pot, add flowers and greenery and get the desired result.