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Facade finishing material

Covering the walls of the building with finishing materials that protect the walls from the effects of atmospheric influences and solar radiation, prolongs the service life of the building and improves its aesthetic performance. And using finishing materials in combination with insulation, you can achieve significant results and make your home warm and comfortable.

In low–rise individual construction, a popular option for finishing facades is covering the walls of buildings (cottages, houses, baths, garages) with siding. Siding has a long service life (decades) it does not change its properties and appearance, does not require additional care in the form of painting, dirt is easily washed off from it. You can protect the facade of any building with this finishing material very quickly on your own.

The most commonly used metal, vinyl, fiber cement and basement siding.

Initially , it was used for finishing facades — aluminum and steel sheets (made of galvanized steel). Advantages of metal siding:

— the service life of the material is about 35 years;

— mounted in both vertical and horizontal directions;

— material of increased reliability;

— mounted on any surface;

— a wide range of color solutions.

Vinyl siding has become widespread. Popularity is due to the possibility of a wide choice of materials and colors, high technological performance, ease of installation and affordable prices. Lightweight, durable, resistant to precipitation, this siding, moreover, can imitate various types of finishing materials. The advantages include:

— resistance to temperatures, chemicals, precipitation;

— does not support gorenje (melts under the influence of high temperature);

— environmentally friendly material;

— long term (more than 50 years) does not lose its original properties.

Fiber cement siding. It is made of cement, wood fibers, various additives. All this is filled with water. The resulting mixture after drying acquires strength, fire resistance, water resistance. It can be washed with water, it can be covered with paint.

The basement siding is an imitation of a stone or a tree. Previously, they decorated only the plinths of houses, now there are design solutions for finishing the entire facade with basement siding. The house, decorated with this material, looks spectacular.

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