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Gas boiler: selection features

If centralized heating does not cope with its direct task, if the lack of hot water is more the norm than an exceptional case, then it’s time to think about individual heating and purchase a gas boiler. What are the options and what to prefer?

Depending on the installation method, all modern boilers are divided into two groups: floor and wall.

The outdoor boiler is cheaper and, at the same time, is able to heat large areas. But we should also remember about its shortcomings, of which there are many.

Firstly, although the boiler itself has approximately the same dimensions as the washing machine, it will require a lot of space to install, as it needs a large number of additional accessories. In addition, it should be taken into account that most floor boilers are single-circuit, that is, they will provide only heating. And most importantly: a floor boiler is more difficult (and more expensive) to install.

This option is more suitable for large, multi-storey houses, and for a modest cottage or apartment in a high-rise building, it is preferable to buy a boiler for a wall-mounted apartment.

This is a more advanced, fully automated device that already has everything you need to work, and installation is much easier than a floor boiler.

There are also disadvantages: for heating a large house, a wall-mounted boiler does not have enough power. In addition, the “Achilles heel” of highly intelligent devices, which are modern wall models, is their energy dependence. Automation works only if there is electricity in the house: if the lights are turned off quite often, you will have to sit for a long time without heat.

In addition to the installation method, boilers also differ in their functions: so single–circuit models will provide you only with heating, and double-circuit models will provide heating and hot water. Models of the second type can have a single heat exchanger, which is used both for the heating system and for heating water, and can be equipped with 2 independent heat exchangers – the second option is preferable (but also more expensive).

Boilers can be equipped with an open or closed combustion chamber. In the first case, it is necessary to have a chimney, that is, this option is not suitable for most apartments in multi-storey buildings. Boilers of the second type have a special system that ensures the removal of gorenje products. Another advantage: such devices do not burn air in the room.

When choosing a boiler, keep in mind that:

• Its power must meet the parameters of the room. It is considered that on 10 sq. a square meter needs 1 kW (but if the house is poorly insulated, or the ceilings are too high in it, you will have to buy a device whose power is greater than the calculated one!).

• In order for the boiler to work correctly, it will be necessary to purchase an additional stabilizer and water filters. In addition, you will be required to install a gas meter.

• It is advisable to completely replace the entire heating system, that is, pipes and radiators.

• Although the design of the wall-mounted boiler allows you to place it anywhere, there are, nevertheless, quite strict requirements for the installation of this type of equipment, which will significantly limit you in choosing a place for this unit.

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