House design

“Third.” Design of a three-room apartment.

The designer got the apartment already deprived of its original appearance. Some walls were missing, there was no bathroom. Therefore, the wishes were as follows: to place a full-fledged living room, a bedroom and a room for a teenager on a small area. All partitions in the apartment are removed. The studio is designed, the loggia is attached to the residential part – there is a dining area in it. The bathroom has been enlarged due to part of the corridor. In the bedroom — an extraordinary solution – a podium was built with a recess for the mattress. The headboard of the “bed” is an extended wall with a comfortable niche. The niche forms a shelf for cosmetics and a special place for a mirror with individual illumination. The teenager’s room is simple and comfortable. A bed with a small bedside table and full, symmetrically arranged sliding wardrobes.

The former storage room has been dismantled, a workplace has been arranged there. At any time, it can be hidden behind a sliding mirrored door or surprise friends by pushing the “secret door”.

Minimalism with smooth shapes. Glass doors, black floor, white matte walls with velvety texture and color accents. The main room of the apartment is designed in classic strict shades. The “owner” of the living room is a large sofa. There is a backlit mirror above it, and a TV is installed opposite. The hallway and the living room are united by a multifunctional wardrobe for books, outerwear and shoes.

An extraordinary technique is used in the decor and accessories, in all rooms of the apartment the amplitude and intervals of three: three lamps, three paintings, three shelves, three steps, three mirrors…