Bathroom Interior: 6 ideas for inspiration

Bathroom Interior: 6 ideas for inspiration

Don’t you like the bathroom interior? I want to change it, but there are no ideas yet? Especially for you, we have made a selection of interiors from famous designers of the world.

Sakura branches in a snow-white bathroom

Have you dreamed of harmony in the bathroom for a long time? Looking for a way to make it beautiful and “especially”? Then you will like the idea of Royce Pinkwater.

The designer did not just decorate the bathroom with tiles depicting an elegant Japanese flower. A pot with an “oriental princess” appeared in the room.

Of course, Sakura is capricious. But the fragrance and delicate pink shades of her flowers captivate the soul.

Welcome to vintage? Come on in!

Italian designer Zim Loy likes to give vintage notes to bathrooms. The abundance of mirrors, the combination of black and white, funny hooks on furniture and antique lamps will appeal to the owners of spacious bathrooms.

Bathroom as an extension of your office

Designer Amanda Reilly was tasked with “creating” a bathroom for a businessman. It was complicated by the small area of the room. But the designer coped with the task perfectly: the room was filled with an atmosphere of business etiquette, restrained oak shades of furniture and potted plants. The design of the small bathroom was approved by the owner.

Immovable mat made of wood

Mary Watkins challenged the standard bath mats: they wear out quickly. Instead of a pile coating, she used a thin layer of wood painted blue. The bath was also painted to match the shade of the unusual rug. And to top off the composition, everything was done according to feng shui.

The perfect stone floor

Barry Benson decided to give an ordinary bathroom in North Carolina a SPA effect. He is sure that the feet are the most sensitive part of the body, affecting which you affect the whole body.

Therefore, the floor covering was made of natural stone. The hostess liked it. The girl is sure that the natural stone will allow her to open the chakras and comprehend the philosophy of the world in the bathroom.

Interior for grasshoppers?

One of the Western designers dared to challenge the “stone jungle”.  He created a garden bathroom: light green walls, fancy plants, bright tiles and transparent shower walls. It turned out to be a room for grasshoppers. But it’s nice to be in it.

Take one of the six ideas and make it a reality! You are the owner, whose soul lives in every millimeter of a tiny bathroom or a huge living room.

Bathroom Interior: 6 ideas for inspiration

Bathroom Interior: 6 ideas for inspiration