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Real estate transactions. Choosing an agency.

Everyone who has rented, bought or sold their square meters at least once was faced with a difficult choice: to take all the difficulties of the transaction on themselves or to delegate the matter to brokers? As a rule, imbued with the importance of what is coming, people agree to additional expenses, just to protect themselves from possible fraud.

Now it is necessary to solve the latter: choose the right agency with the appropriate range of services.

It is time to consider the points that are extremely important when choosing an intermediary.

A lone realtor or an agency?

Like other real estate transactions, the sale of commercial real estate has its own subtleties. The intention to avoid “extra” expenses may lead you to think that an intermediary working independently is undoubtedly better. If you are going to make this decision, at least be aware that nowadays there are a large number of “specialists” in the housing market who have studied their business in the process of work. And the experience they have gained does not stand up to comparison with the theoretical basis that a special legal education provides. Therefore, if a lone agent makes a mistake, it is likely that the consequences of this blunder will put a heavy burden on your wallet.

Agency. We evaluate the degree of reliability.

So, your choice fell on a real estate agency. Of course, you would prefer to enter into business relations only with a reliable partner. What can say that the agency that you have chosen is completely reliable:

– of course, good reviews from people whose opinion is important to you. Real estate transactions are exactly the area where even rumors can be useful;
– the number of advertising messages and a sufficiently long duration of the advertising campaign. Try to understand that only someone whose position is exceptionally strong has the opportunity to pay for a serious advertising company without much damage to their budget;
– the time of the agency’s presence on the market is evidence that the future assistant is worthy of trust. If the legal entity to whose services you intend to resort has a long history behind it, then here you can most likely count on the conscientious performance of your duties;
– a document that you will need to sign if you decide to become a client of this agency: the contract must reflect all the seemingly insignificant details. It is better not to contact a real estate agency that has only general provisions in the contract;
– payment for agency services. As a rule, the mediation fee does not exceed one twentieth of the purchase or sale amount. And since you are promised assistance for a more modest fee, you can be sure that your prospective partner will take everything in one piece, you just won’t know about it. All this is very easy to implement;
– and finally, if you have already decided on any agency, it would be useful to find out if it does not appear in the list of subjects with whom it is undesirable to contact. You can easily get information of this kind on the Internet. Citizens deceived by fraudulent structures, including in the real estate sector, are united in a strong virtual community, the purpose of which is to prevent fraudsters from doing their dirty deeds.

Do not be afraid to be overly intrusive and persistent, remember that you risk a lot of money, but remember that there are still more worthy workers in the difficult task of servicing our desires with you. Good luck!

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