Stages of home renovation

Stages of home renovation

It is known that every person in life, one way or another, needs changes. The gray routine of everyday life gets boring sooner or later, and you want to change something both in yourself and in the world around him. If you can’t afford to start building a cottage or a house somewhere in a picturesque corner outside the city limits, you can create a completely new atmosphere in your home. And it can be done much easier than it seems at first glance. Namely, to arrange a grandiose renovation.

Perhaps this word scares you, because it immediately seems how many different troubles are associated with home repairs. However, if you trust professionals who know and love their work, the repair will not only not become a burden, but may turn into a real holiday!

Also, repair services will be required if the construction has just been completed, and now you need to make it livable, beautiful and cozy. Many construction companies provide their clients with the opportunity to use a wide range of services, starting with the construction of houses and repairs, and ending with the supply of high-quality building materials.

Stages of repair work in the house

The first stage of the construction of houses, and then the subsequent repair is preparatory. At this time, walls are demolished, ties are dismantled, garbage is taken out, electrical cables are laid. Interior partitions are also installed, walls and ceilings are plastered, a cement-sand screed with reinforcement and sound insulation is installed, sewage and water pipes are laid, filters and reducers are installed. At the same stage, the entrance metal door is installed, the heating risers, cold and hot water are shifted, ceramic tiles are laid, and a number of other operations.

But this repair work, which begins after the completion of construction, does not end there. An intermediate stage is coming. At this stage, suspended ceilings are installed, podrazetniki and raspaechnye boxes are arranged, electrical wires are laid, window sills are installed, putty is made, and then ceilings and walls are painted, decorative niches are arranged.

And, finally, at the final stage of the construction of the house and repair work, the finishing of the premises is carried out. This includes the installation of plumbing, decorative products, accessories, built-in cabinets, lamps, wallpaper gluing, installation of interior doors and locks, switches and sockets, etc.

With the help of experienced builders, any construction and repair will turn into a real holiday.

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