Country-style country house

Country-style country house

Everyone’s favorite country style is associated with the life of American cowboys and ranches. However, each nation has its own rustic style. BUT, despite cultural differences, country style in a modern interior is a combination of coziness and simplicity, comfort and simplicity.

The charm of the rustic style and the romanticism in the solutions of the space allow you to feel complete harmony with wildlife. Here lies simplicity, reliability, and a calm atmosphere. Warm colors, pleasant to the eye and touch textiles, an abundance of natural materials, especially wood and stone – best reflects the country style.

The country style spread about forty years ago. There was no single concept of style. Only various disparate elements of the interior, accepted in everyday life among the inhabitants of the American village. Ordinary practical solutions of everyday life, dictated by convenience and simplicity. Nothing superfluous.

Today, country music is most often stylized. But even in a modern, improved version of the interiors of country houses, it remains the most advantageous and truthful.

Country is characterized by an abundance of wooden furniture and various handmade products. Embroidered napkins and tablecloths, knitted lace will create a warm, warm atmosphere of home comfort in the house. Everything lives here and everything is used, and every thing is in its place. By decorating the interior of a country house in this style, you get a huge freedom of creativity to implement various design ideas.

There are no strict limits in the country-style color scheme. It can be both bright strokes and muted pastel tones. But, as a rule, a natural palette of natural colors is observed with popular combinations of earth and wood, greenery and stone. Bright motifs will dilute the tranquility of the general background.

A modern look can be given to the interior by freeing the space from the abundance of various trifles and focusing on the combination of natural colors and textures. However, it should be remembered that country does not tolerate artificial ultramodern things and materials.

Brick masonry, natural floorboards, rough wooden beams and deliberate plaster, simplifying the finishing process itself, remain integral elements of finishing in country style – all this gives a country house a special unique charm.

You can talk a lot about the advantages of country style. But, the most important advantage is environmental friendliness.

So, country style, these are three key concepts: usefulness, practicality, simplicity. This is an ideal solution for those who are tired of the benefits of civilization and strive to be closer to nature, and in the house, first of all, appreciates coziness and comfort.

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