ArchiDOM Interior Design Studio

We will help you create a unique interior in the room that will delight you for many years. Interior design can be made in the style of “classic interior”, “minimalism”, “interior in modern style”, “interior in Baroque style”, “interior in Art Deco style” or “interior in Art Nouveau style”. Or maybe a country-style interior is more suitable for you? Or you love the East – then we will create a Japanese-style interior for you.

By contacting us, you receive qualified assistance in the field of:

  • development of design projects for commercial premises (interior design of shops, catering establishments, gaming establishments, offices, etc.);
  • design of residential premises (design projects and works for suburban real estate and apartments);
  • selection and purchase of various decorative elements and finishing materials. Our experts will help you choose furniture elements that fit perfectly into the interior, lighting details, interior items;

Design projects are carried out with all the necessary elements of plans and drawings, which greatly facilitates the work on the direct implementation of the designers’ plans into life. Design development, at the request of the customer, can be performed using graphical computer programs. During the repair process, our specialists can accompany the construction work in order to prevent deviations from the original plan of the designer.


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