Stretch ceilings

New trends in interior design designed for two children have led to the implementation in practice of two differently decorated zones. The effect is achieved by the correct ratio of color and texture of wall coverings, as well as with the help of original furniture.

In the color scheme chosen for the nursery, as a rule, three or four colors are used (one color for each child and one or two “neutral” ones that serve to combine the tonality). Their place in the interior depends on the purpose of the space, because every child wants to have a “private” corner in the common room, decorated in accordance with their own tastes, while radius wardrobes with facades of the necessary colors are often used. Light green with glitter, paired with matte chocolate – for a place of sleep and a boy’s play area, a girl will like pale lilac or peach pink: such “color divisions” perfectly individualize the personal space of each child. In the variant for two girls, wallpapers of related shades remain relevant, but of the same style direction (for example, romance or vintage), for boys of different ages, the surfaces of cabinets and tables can be similarly decorated in a nautical or techno style. Warm tones, such as creamy caramel, or a more restrained white, are suitable for curtains in the nursery, especially if the brackets have an ornate shape.

Although a bunk bed has long established itself as the most rational option for small children, there are more interesting alternatives. Two single beds can be installed parallel to each other either in the center of the room or close to the walls. If the room is small, then the most functional solution is perpendicular placement along the walls, when both beds form a right angle, touching the headboards. Now there is no need to purchase exactly the same beds: the material of manufacture and decor can be fundamentally different, stylistic unity will help to preserve similar fittings (for example, legs under the old bronze). In addition, interior integrity can be achieved with the help of bedspreads with overlapping motifs.

The space between the beds is usually allocated to a bedside table or a roomy chest of drawers, as well as local lighting sources (floor lamps or sconces). The shape of the lampshades can be the most original, copying exotic fruits or fabulous animals. In order to have more free space in the interior, the place above the chest of drawers can be filled with hanging shelves for toys or school supplies.

To complete the composition, a desk (computer) of sufficient size is needed, at which children could study at the same time, so the choice of model should be treated very carefully. As practice shows, a table in the shape of an ellipse or a circle beveled from one side is the most functional and able to fit into any interior, from strict classics to refined Art Nouveau.

Interior of a room for two children
Interior of a room for two children