Marble and granite for stairs

Marble and granite for stairs

The use of marble and granite for the manufacture of stairs guarantees not only a special aesthetic appearance of the structure, but also its durability. Marble and granite are materials that can withstand various temperatures, any amount of moisture, and a significant mechanical load. Due to its stability and its beautiful appearance, marble and granite have become very popular.

Marble or granite stairs made of solid stone have a very long service life, calculated for centuries. This is confirmed by numerous examples of examples of world architecture.

Modern technologies allow us to achieve various desired options. These can be solid marble or granite slabs, cut according to the exact dimensions of the staircase step. Such an overhead design is expensive and is used in elite performance. More often, staircases are lined with marble or granite tiles made specifically for facing work. This option is cheaper and more affordable.

Granite or marble facing tiles are of different purposes. Some are used as steps, others – as a lining of the space under the steps. Since granite or marble tiles are quite a “slippery” material, when using them, it is necessary that the stairs be equipped with a railing for safety. To give a uniform style to the stairs, balusters or pillars can also be made of marble or granite or lined with these materials. Such a decorative design of the stairs is not just beautiful, but looks elegant, rich, original, demonstrating the prosperity and excellent taste of the owner. The staircase attracts attention and decorates the entire interior or facade of the building.

The color of marble slabs depends on the natural characteristics of the stone – deposits, impurities, but even different pieces of the same stone can have different color shades. Marble is a natural stone, therefore, the finishing marble materials are eco–friendly. The features of marble as a material are combined with the power of stone and at the same time with its apparent lightness.

The decorative and aesthetic characteristics of marble or granite steps are complemented by several practical advantages. The main advantage of granite and marble steps is their resistance to various influences, and first of all it concerns high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter. Granite or marble steps are always in excellent condition, they are not afraid of mold or fungus. They are not deformed.

Despite the fact that both marble and granite have common reliability properties, there are still some differences between them. It is believed that granite has a higher degree of stability. It is no coincidence that granite serves as a material for laying pavements, roads and street stairs. Granite owes its quality of super-resistance to wear to these preferences.

Marble also has its advantages. This material is perfectly polished and therefore perfectly suitable for interior decoration and finishing of its structural elements, giving a majestic appearance.

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