Photo wallpapers for the living room

Photo wallpapers are considered one of the most popular interior design options. Together with the decorative function, such wallpapers are a practical element, because they can hide flaws in the room and visually expand it. The photo wallpapers depict reproductions of paintings, frames from films, comics, landscapes. Pasted on the wall in the living room, photo wallpapers will create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in it.


Photo wallpapers serve to give the interior of the room a certain charm, aesthetic effect and to achieve a good result, you need to choose high-quality wallpaper. Using the original ones for pasting фотообои Нью-Йорк you can give the room a second wind, and this small element of decor may seem to guests as a kind of masterpiece of art.

Photo wallpapers will be appropriate in the recreation area, for example, on the wall behind the sofa. It is best for them to choose images of nature: the seashore, a birch grove, a picturesque park. But you can use photo wallpapers to make an accent wall on which the TV is located. In this case, the wallpaper should have an abstract monotonous pattern or background on most of the picture. After all, the TV, on the wallpaper depicting a forest or pond, will cover a part of the picture. In addition, the TV will look completely out of place there, and the image on it will dissolve among the bright wallpaper.

Properly selected photo wallpapers must necessarily match the style of the overall interior of the room. For a living room in a modern loft or hi-tech style, it is better to choose a photo wallpaper depicting city streets, houses. Such wallpaper in urban style can be supplemented with brick or stone decoration. Against their background, tables and racks made of glass, modern upholstered furniture will look great.
In the Mediterranean, Italian interiors of living rooms, wallpapers in the Tuscan style will fit well, depicting a picturesque view from the window or the sea. The classic living room also allows for such wallpaper. The luxury of antiquity in such a living room will be emphasized by photo wallpapers in the form of a reproduction of a famous painting.

Country-style living rooms should be decorated with photo wallpapers that will bring rustic motifs there. These can be images of fields, horses. And the eco-style in the living room will be complemented by wallpapers with natural themes: meadows, birch groves, bamboo thickets, the seashore. But such wallpapers can be used in the living room in any style, because they create a light, fresh atmosphere. It is worth remembering that the perspective on the wallpaper noticeably increases the size of the room, visually of course. These can be images of the ocean going over the horizon, a bridge over a river, a path in the forest.

You can emphasize the color of the country with the help of photo wallpapers with ethnic motifs and images of the country’s symbol. For the French style, an image of the Eiffel Tower is selected, for the Egyptian style – pyramids, for the Japanese – sakura, a rock garden.