Decorative plaster

Modern construction technologies allow you to create an absolutely amazing and unique design in your room with the help of very simple materials — absolutely simple to use.

Absolutely incomparable design makes it possible to make decorative plaster in your apartment. Moreover, the style of your design can be any, both aristocratic and ultra-modern, and decorative plaster will make it possible to put into practice any fantasy.

On the website such a material as decorative plaster, the price of which and the quality of which are in direct relationship, is represented by various brands of various manufacturers. It is a plaster composition for decorative finishing not only walls, but also cornices and even columns. Decorative plaster retains its qualities for a very long time, especially color and hardness. Of all the wall coverings, decorative plaster is the most durable material, which is practically not subject not only to mechanical influences, but also to such a danger to the walls as moisture and fungus. With the help of decorative plaster, you can hide any crack or irregularity on the wall.

The color scheme and type of plaster can be chosen for almost any room design. Decorative plaster makes it possible to transform the whole look of your apartment as quickly as possible and beyond recognition.

Decorative plaster can be applied to any kind of wall and it is not necessary to prepare the wall before that.

For such a finishing material for walls as decorative plaster, the price is not one of the advantages, but rather represents the main disadvantage. But at the same time, the price of decorative plaster is, perhaps, only the only drawback.

Decorative plaster can be based on cement, liquid glass, acrylic or silicone resins. Cement decorative plaster has its main white cement, and it is somewhat cheaper in price than other types of plaster. In acrylic plaster, acrylic resins act as a binding element, and it is perfectly applied to concrete or brick, drywall, chipboard and even a layer of paint. Silicate plaster is applied to mineral substrates. The advantage of silicone plaster is the ability to self-clean, since the dust from the plaster fibers is simply blown away with the slightest gust of air.

Decorative plaster
Decorative plaster