The choice of furniture is not an easy and serious matter, so the approach to this issue should be appropriate. It is necessary to be guided by the functional purpose of the interior elements. Lovers of original design solutions should take a closer look at wicker furniture. It only at first glance it seems that the plait is in harmony exclusively with the suburban area or veranda. On the contrary, the world’s leading designers create unique models of furniture made of rattan, vine and bamboo, which, in combination with other materials, elegantly fit into the interior.

The history of weaving begins with ancient times, when our ancestors learned to weave carpets and even their homes from tree branches and various plants. Now the construction market offers a lot of materials and accessories for creating interior items.

The natural materials used to make wicker furniture are very durable and flexible, so many curved shapes can be used in the design. A competitor in this matter can only be forged furniture. A huge advantage of wicker furniture is its versatility. Modern interior designers combine wicker with textiles, metal, leather and any other materials.

The most popular furniture can be called rattan palm fiber. Rattan is completely universal, it easily contacts varnishes and paints, and allows you to create a special weaving pattern. In addition, the variety of colors and shades that can be processed rattan is not limited. Rattan furniture decoration is suitable for any room design, even for the most strict and conservative styles.

Bamboo looks very original in the interior of the house, it looks so natural that there is not even a need to cover it with paint, it will be enough to varnish. Visually, it may seem rough and cumbersome, but this is a very interesting design solution. The only drawback of bamboo is its high cost, but it pays off with its strength and beauty.

The most affordable is the material of domestic production — the vine, or rather, the cleaned and processed willow twigs. Willow vine lends itself to original methods of weaving, and due to its low weight, it will not complicate the process of rearrangement. Compared with high-strength bamboo and rattan, the vine loses a little in terms of reliability and durability, but this is easily compensated by its economy and flexibility.


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